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Episode depicted in this article is from 2005 anime.

The Progression-Regression Beam (進化退化ビーム Shinka taika bīmu) is an episode from the Doraemon 2005 anime. This episode is called The Evo-Devo Beam in the U.S. English version/dub.


 Nobita asked his dad for a new radio-cassette, but he was disappointed because he refused to hear the sound of the radio-cassette. So Doraemon takes out the "evolutionary degenerate raygun" that emits rays that evolve and degenerate, and evolves Nobita's radio case for about 20 years.

 Furthermore, when Doraemon turns the dial, it has evolved into the latest future radio-cassette of the "Ude clock type" that allows you to karaoke and compose on a videophone, and Nobita is very happy! Next, when the dial was turned in the opposite direction, the radio cassette player degenerated into a gramophone.

 When Nobita saw it, he struck a light beam on pencils, balls, and lights, and tried to evolve everything in the house, but Doraemon stopped him. There, Nobita tries to evolve his dad into a future man, but because the dial has been degenerated, he has become a primitive man! Nobita hurriedly returned the dial and decided to try it with an animal first, and shed a ray of light on the mouse ...! ??


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