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Episode depicted in this article is from 2005 anime.

The Real Crayon is an episode of Doraemon (2005 series) that released on November 20, 2015.


Because Nobita get laughed by Gian and Suneo (and a classmate) due being not good at drawing lion in Art lesson, he goes to Doraemon for help.

Doraemon takes out a "The Real Crayon" to help Nobita, which can turn the drawn things into reality. Nobita originally paints a dog, but due to his bad drawing, little yellow dog he painted runs out of paper. Doraemon draws a artist to teach Nobita how to draw, but he is need to eat something so Nobita go downstair to find snack but his mother told him that he just eat, he tell to the artist and he sleep and do not teach Nobita how to draw, so he draw a donut but due to his bad at drawing, it taste awful so the artist draw snacks to Doraemon and Nobita, and then Nobita ask him draw a game consoles, so he draw and he play it, but when he lose, he told that the game console he draw is failure so he draw a hammer to smash the game console, Tamako in downstair hear noise so Doraemon and Nobita bring him outside. When he first looking at Shizuka, he draw a ring and a flower to confess to Shizuka. Nobita tell the artist uses crayon to draw hot springs on the street, Doraemon decided to erase the hot spring but the artist stop him and get blow away by wind and he drop the crayon. Gian and Suneo pick it up and draw Kaminari on the wall of his's house, when Kaminari go out and scold both, he look at his wall and see nothing, when Gian and Suneo hear a high pinch scolding voice of Kaminari, they both frighten said sorry and both Gian, Suneo and Kaminari saw drawing Kaminari scolding some bypasser, Kaminari angrily scolding as drawing Kaminari chase and scolding Gian and Suneo. Nobita found and get the crayon back, the artist wake up and after he look Tamako and Nobita unsightly looking, he draw the whole family and decide to take over the house, Nobita then told Doraemon do something, he use erase to erase the artist hat, but he quickly redraw as he, mother and son go downstair, as Doraemon open door to living room, he is attack by a drawing dog (Dobermann), as he about to draw a rhino, Nobita get the crayon back as he get surround by the drawing artist, drawing mothet and drawing son, he draw the lion to attack them, but due to his bad drawing, it fly toward and make a roar so badly, the artist get the crayon and draw a lion before being chased by the lion as bad drawing lion roar at the end.


Gadgets Used[]

  • Real Crayon


  • The crayon painter somehow resemble Iyami from Osomatsu-san
  • Crayon Kaminari breaking the fourth wall when he scolded in font of viewers on the screen.