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Oboccha Manbo
General Information
Broadcast by TV Asahi
Anime series 2005
Broadcast date December 2, 2011
Season 7
Episode number 274a
Insert Suneo's Rich Kid Mambo
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The Rich Kid Mambo (おぼっちゃマンボ, Oboccha Manbo) is the first story of episode 274 of the 2005 Doraemon anime. It originally aired in Japan on December 2, 2011. The episode features Tomokazu Seki, seiyuu for Suneo Honekawa, performing Suneo's image song of the same name. The episode was written by Higashi Shimizu, directed and storyboarded by Kenichi Nishida, and featured animation directed by Ikuo Shimazu.


While watching a singing talent competition on TV, Suneo remarks that Gian ought to consider becoming a producer if he wants to make it in the music business. Gian takes Suneo's advice to heart, and much to the relief of Nobita, Shizuka and Doraemon, chooses Suneo as his first "client." After Gian's initial attempts to write songs for Suneo fail, Doraemon introduces the Hit Maker, which allows the user to create the perfect song by describing the characteristics of the desired song, and the Hit Mike, which will make the song a surefire hit if the singer uses it to perform. Gian declares he wants a song suitable for a smug rich kid to sing with a tropical feel and potential international appeal, and the result is "The Rich Kid Mambo."

Gian throws himself into the role of Suneo's producer/agent with gusto. On the day of his first performance (using Doraemon's Instant Stage), Suneo is visibly terrified, but as the audience responds favorably to his song, his confidence builds, and his first performance of "The Rich Kid Mambo" is a resounding success. Gian wastes no time in booking his "client" for more "gigs" and enlisting (or, really, forcing) Nobita, Shizuka and Doraemon to hand out promotional flyers.

Several increasingly successful concerts later, Suneo is a bona fide idol, and his popularity goes to his head, enraging Gian, who had dreamed of fortune and acclaim as a producer only to have Suneo get all the attention and take all the credit for his success. During Suneo's next concert, Gian interrupts Suneo's performance, snatches away the microphone, announces Suneo's "retirement" and launches into singing "I am Gian!." Gian's terrible performance breaks the Hit Mike, which causes the crowds to disperse and effectively ends Suneo's career as a pop star. An angry and heartbroken Suneo begins furiously beating on Gian.


Gadgets Used[]

  • Hit Maker and Hit Mike
  • Instant Stage



A plug to visit the show's homepage

  • The episode ends with a plug to visit the show's homepage to listen to both Suneo's and Gian's songs. In the Hindi dub, the dialogues in the part were changed to say that the sign is an appreciation message to Gian.


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