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Episode depicted in this article is from 2005 anime.

The Schedule Clock (スケジュールどけい Sukejūru dokei) is an episode from the 2005 anime.


Doraemon finds Nobita daydreaming again, so he takes out the Scheduler Clock to help Nobita make a schedule. However, after Nobita plans the schedule, Doraemon ends up being the one that is doing homework when he helps to insert the schedule for Nobita. The Scheduler Clock gets Doraemon to do, since he is the one that inserts it. Mum prepares snacks for Doraemon and Nobita, but the clock forces Doraemon to do his homework. Doraemon finishes all the homework, but the clock continues to force him to study and they get into an argument.

During snack time, since Nobita had ate away all the snacks earlier, Doraemon has to pretend to eat so as to abide by the schedule. He then goes to the toilet, but he could not do anything there. Doraemon proceeds to watch television, but the TV is broken and Doraemon is forced to watch. Afterwards, he goes to practice baseball, but it is raining and he has to practice under the rain.

Unable to take it anymore, Doraemon escapes to Suneo's house. Sensing Doraemon has not back yet, Nobita goes out to find him. The clock goes to Suneo's room and finds Doraemon, who escapes into the basement. Just as the clock gets him, mice appear and scurry around the basement, which scares Doraemon. The clock gets Doraemon to eat dinner at Suneo's house while consuming Suneo's share; Nobita is relieved as he is not the one doing the schedule.


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