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The Seven Mysteries of the School are seven mysterious event in The Doraemons Special manga that occur during the night at the school. According to Suneo, whoever acknowledge all of the mysteries will suffer misfortune. It's can presumed that Suneo fabricated the story to scare Nobita. Later, Nobita and Matadora use the myth to scare off the two robbers while searching for the clue of the final mystery.

The Walking Bronze Statue[]


The walking bronze statue is the first of the seven mysteries. At night, the statue in front of the school will come to life and walk around the courtyard.

Nobita and Matadora use the Robotter to bring the statue to life to scare the two robbers, although the fat one percieves this as hallucination before the two of them get inside the school.

The Piano Plays By Itself[]

Ghost piano

In the night, the piano in the music room will play by itself despite that there is no one on the chair.

Nobita and Matadora use the Spirit Staff to put a spirit inside a piano.

The Walking Skeleton[]


Similar to the statue, Nobita uses Robotter to make the skeleton in the science room capable of walking.

Any Emergency Exits lead to the Cemetery[]


Nobita replaces the normal emergency exit doors with Anywhere Doors which connected to the cemetery.

The Floating Head[]


Nobita uses the Invisible Cloak to hide his body and scares the two robbers into the art room.

The Talking Portrait[]


The Talking Portrait of Mona Lisa is the sixth of the seven mysteries. At night, the portrait in the art room will come to life and talk with the passerby.

Nobita and Matadora use the Hypnotism Trumpet to bring the portrait to life to scare the two robbers, and succeeding in making the thin one loses consciousness while the fat one tries to crawl an escape in fear.

The Horned Giant[]

The past Nobita unknowingly uses the Big Light on Matadora which enlarges him and scares the fat robber who finally collapses on the floor.