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Episode depicted in this article is from 2005 anime.
The Shifting Stick/2005 Anime
Release date February 5, 2016
Japanese title ずらしんぼ
English title The Shifting Stick
Season number 12
Episode number 430b
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The Shifting Stick is an episode from the 2005 anime.


Gian, who has always likes to snatch other people's things, suddenly lends the comic to Suneo, which surprises Suneo. However, Suneo is reading comic while eating snack at home, and accidentally drops the chocolate cake on top of the comic, smearing it. In order to frame the blame, he lends the comic to Nobita and Doraemon. They find the stain and be surprised.

Doraemon takes out Shifting Stick and moves the stains from the comics to a piece of tissue. Nobita tries and successfully moves the hole in the paper door to another piece of paper. After that, Nobita helpss his mother to remove the burnt mark on the tatami from the iron accidentally leaves on the newspaper, but his father complains that he hasn't read the newspaper, so Nobita throws the burnt mark into the garden.

Nobita walks to the street with a stick and meets Shizuka, but the two are separated by a pool of puddle. Nobita uses a stick to guide the puddle into the ditch, allowing Shizuka to pass smoothly. He goes to Shizuka's house to help her move some interesting patterns on the shopping bag to please her. After leaving Shizuka's house, she is ambushed by Gian and Suneo. At this time, Gian (accompanied by Suneo) appears and beats Nobita for thinking that he has smeared the comics. After Nobita denies the contamination, Gian takes Nobita home. Doraemon is reading the comic at this time, but has no choice but to hand over the book. After knowing that the comic is not smeared, Suneo tries to verify it himself, but is rejected by Gian.

Suneo claims to Gian that he has not finished reading the comics, and Gian lends the comic to Suneo again. Suneo immediately runs home, runs to the door but falls into the pool (this means that Doraemon has invaded Suneo's house and moved his pool to the front of the door, his door and his gutter on the street to the porch next to his house). Just as Suneo is ready to leave the gutter and is worried that the comics would be stained, Doraemon take out the gadget to stop Suneo's activities, takes the comics away, and uses Shifting Stick to remove the contents before returning the book to Suneo.

At first, Suneo is relieved to see that the comic is not smeared, but soon finds out that even the content is missing, and is shocked.

The two passes by a public bath calls "Matsunoyu". There is an old couple who wants to come in and patronize, but the proprietor refuses. Nobita and Doraemon come forward to ask the reason, and the proprietor takes them to the bathhouse, saying that the artist is ill and does not paint murals, so the bathhouse can not be opened. Doraemon uses Anywhere Door and runs to the Louvre Museum in France, the Norwegian National Gallery and other places and successfully moves many famous paintings, including Mona Lisa and scream, to the painting wall of the bathhouse with gadgets such as Take-copter (to avoid disturbing the guard with footsteps) and Penetration Ring (passing through the glass cover protecting famous paintings), So that the bathhouse can be opened to customers. However, when the uncles take a bath, they finally comment that "Mount Fuji is the best", which annoys Doraemon.


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