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The Space Exploration Sugoroku
General Information
Broadcast by TV Asahi
Anime series 2005
Broadcast date April 1, 2016
Season 12
Episode number 436a
Doraemon The Space Exploration Sugoroku
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The Space Exploration Sugoroku is an episode from the 2005 anime series.


This episode is based on the manga chapter of the same name and is the second anime adaptation, having been previously adapted in 1980, but with a major plot expansion. In this adaptation, the gang can't go out to play due to wet weather and have to stay in Doraemon and Nobita's room. To pass the time waiting for the rain to stop, Doraemon takes out a futuristic sugoroku game set in space and invite them inside to play.

宇宙探検すごろく 3

The gang enters the game

The game itself is vastly different from the manga and 1979 anime versions. There is a voice to guide players about the instructions to the game. The path to the finish line is clearly marked with colored squares, a feature unseen in the previous adaptations. The game also accommodates more than four players now, with one of the single-seat cars replaced with a twin-seat car (which was taken up by Doraemon and Shizuka), and new players are able to join the game while the current game is in progress. Players can also find out the other players' progress, and also the new players in the game.

The game also has a number of special squares that can either help the player reach the finish line faster, or hinder his or her advancement in the game. They include squares marked with a star which rewards the player of tons of snacks selected at random, squares marked with an exclamation mark that would cost the player a turn, and even squares that require players to sing or dance. There are also squares where players get an item that can be used to slow down other players' progress during the game.

A total of three diverging paths are featured in the game; of which the second path, in which the players can choose to take a shortcut via the asteroids or the longer, safer route, is shown in this adaptation. If they are very lucky, a player can pass through the asteroids and avoid missing three turns, hence bringing him even closer to the finish line. In a nod to the manga and 1979 anime versions, this adaptation has Gian pass through the haunted forest, though no monster is present there. The first player to reach the finish line becomes the "King of the Universe", and gets a medal as a reward for completing the game.

宇宙探検すごろく 2

Nobita, Namera and Okuto

Two new characters appear in this adaptation: The evil, Japanese-speaking slug-shaped space warlord Namera who previously destroyed a spaceship in outer space along with his alien octopus sidekick Okuto. Both are called to Doraemon and Nobita's house after the former takes out the Strange Encounter Machine to summon a U.F.O. earlier and enter the game with the intention of conquering the Earth when they win the game. Despite encountering many obstacles along the way, including failing to eliminate Nobita from the game, Namera and Okuto quickly catches up with him and almost win the game, all the while with the gang thinking that both are non-player characters. However, they aren't seen to be in their car when Nobita eventually reaches the finish line. Gian and Suneo also complete the game, but Namera and Okuto get stuck inside the game after they get "rewarded" with potato chips (potato chips contain salt and this causes Namera to get reduced into a smaller, normal-looking slug).

Also appearing in this adaptation is Nobita's mother, who remarks that Doraemon and friends in their room are energetic.


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