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Episode depicted in this article is from 2005 anime.
The Story of the Old Persimmons
Release date October 30, 2015
Japanese title 昔のカキの物語
English title The Story of the Old Persimmons
Season number 11
Episode number 731
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The Story of the Old Persimmons is an episode from the 2005 series. It was based on the chapter entitled Time Room (The Story of the Persimmon Fruits) from the 40th volume.


Nobita and Doraemon were excited to read the manga name Tanki-kun. Tamako Nobi command her husband to scold Nobita and to continue his assignment. But when Nobisuke just gonna scold him, he recognize the mange he loved before. Then, he joined in with Doraemon and Nobita. Tamako, seeing the three enjoying reading the manga, scold them three and forces Nobita to do his assignment before reading them.

Later, Shizuka barges in the house and gives them some newly-picked figs. Both Doraemon and Nobita ate the fruits and  Doraemon tells Nobita that it is better that if they have a persimmon tree in their backyard. Nobita remembers that the backyard used to have a persimmon tree so he suggests to use the time machine and pick some fruits. But Doraemon told him that the time machine is still broken and they'll have to use the gadget Time Room instead. 

Just when they are about to pick the fruits, Nobita's dad in the past chases them and accuses them of being theives. Then Doraemon told Nobita that they'll have to back to the Time Room (which is inside Nobita's room). But, Nobisuke was already there first and he was confuse because the room is different. Nobisuke then grabs the manga Tanki-kun and leaves immediately. Nobita accuses him of being thief. Then both of them go back to their timeline without any persimmon fruit nor the manga. Later, Nobita's dad barges in the room and gives them his old manga from the storage, which is the manga Tanki-kun that Nobita owns. Doraemon and Nobita want to continue for reading manga Tanki-kun, but it is tattered.


Gadgets used[]

Gadgets Used[]