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Episode depicted in this article is from 2005 anime.
The Stupidity Time Bombs

General Information
Broadcast by TV Asahi
Anime series 2005
Broadcast date TCA
Season TCA
Episode number TCA
Doraemon TCA
Opening TCA
Ending TCA
Insert TCA
Written by TCA
Story by TCA
Teleplay by TCA
Directed by TCA
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The Stupidity Time Bombs (時限バカ弾) is episode 57 of the 2005 anime.


On the way home from school, while Shizuka and Dekisugi were talking happily, Nobita quietly said, "Don't disturb me by saying stupid things." I'm messing around ...

Moreover, when I got home, my mom's sermon started. When Nobita asks for help, Doraemon takes out the "Jigen Stupid Bullet", sets the timer 5 minutes later, and throws it into his mom. Then, five minutes later, it burst, and my mom started dancing while saying stupid things like "Bello Bello"! Nobita suddenly starts laughing, and the embarrassed mom stops preaching.

According to Doraemon, if this timed stupid bullet bursts, anyone will do stupid things. Upon hearing that, Nobita decides to borrow about four stupid bullets from Doraemon and attach them to Dekisugi to do stupid things in front of Shizuka.

On the way to Dekisugi's house, Nobita sees Gian, but first tries to put a timed stupid bullet in Gian's fault ...! ??


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