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The episode depicted in this article is from 1979 anime.
The Time Cloth
The Time Cloth (1979 anime title card)
Release date April 20, 1979
English title The Time Cloth
Season number 1
Episode number 17
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The Time Cloth is an episode from the Doraemon 1979 anime.


Doraemon and Nobita are happy when the old television broke. They ask Tamako if they could replace the TV with a new one, but she fixes it anyway. Tamako and Nobisuke could not agree as to whether to buy a new washing machine or a new camera to replace the old counterparts that are wearing off. The TV breaks down again. Doraemon takes out the Time Cloth and makes the three appliances as good as new, to Tamako and Nobisuke's delight. Doraemon and Nobita walk around town, asking Shizuka and Suneo to give their unwanted objects with the intention of reselling them by making them as good as new. However, Doraemon lets slip to Suneo that they are using the Time Cloth to do so, prompting him to steal the cloth when no one is watching.

Suneo tells Gian the cloth's use and he lines up four other boys to bring their unwanted objects to the open lot so as to make them new. However, Gian's mother finds Gian, and sends him to deliver a box of twenty eggs to a residence. Wrapping the box with the cloth blue-side out, the eggs hatch all of a sudden and Gian has to chase all the chicks back, leaving the cloth flying in the air when it is blown by a gush of wind. Meanwhile, Doraemon and Nobita find the Time Cloth missing. Suneo finds the flying cloth as well while trying to search for Gian, and they give chase. Landing into several encounters along the way, the cloth ends up in the hands of Suneo using his remote-control helicopter. Suneo's mother finds out and orders him to return the cloth to Doraemon and Nobita. But first, she takes the cloth to make her old crocodile-leather handbag, peacock earmuffs and fox-skin sweater brand new, only for them to turn into the animals themselves when used, terrifying everyone.

In an end-of-the-episode quickie, Doraemon turns Nobita into a crying baby.


Gadgets Used[]

Naming and Translations[]

Language Name Origin
Arabic وشاح الزمن Time Cloth


  • This episode is remade in a later episode entitled The Flying Time Cloth.
  • The Time Cloth covered a litter bin Suneo used to kick Nobita and Doraemon away. When it is flown away, all the litter that comes out of the bin is also as good as new, even though the cloth did not cover them.
  • Gian being reduced to a baby when he wraps himself around the Time Cloth is replaced by the cloth landing on the electrical cables, and thus making them wear out.