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Episode depicted in this article is from 2005 anime.
The Time Cloth
Release date March 8, 2019
Japanese title タイムふろしき
English title The Time Cloth
Season number 15
Episode number 554a
Adapted manga chapter Time Cloth
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The Time Cloth (タイムふろしき) is an episode of Doraemon 2005 anime.

Plot Summary[]

Nobita and Doraemon try to buy a new TV because the TV in their house is broken, but Dad and Mom tell me whether to buy a broken camera or an old sword machine first. So, apparently, I don't think he will buy a TV for the time being ...

 So, Doraemon took out "Time Furoshiki," which transforms the wrapped item into a new one. When I wrapped up the TV, Nobita was very happy because it returned to a shiny new product in a blink of an eye! In addition, the camera and laundry machine will be returned to new ones, which will surprise dad and mom.

 After that, Nobita came up with the idea of ​​using Time Furoshiki to replace the old one with a new one and sell it. However, when I opened my eyes, I was struck by Suneo, who knew the secret of thyme.

 In addition, because Suneo said something extraordinary, the thyme was in the hands of Gian ...! ??


The LCD TV screen at Nobita's house collapses. Nobita and Doraemon are very sad to see it, and beg their mother to buy a new color TV set. When they want to fight for it again, they see that their mother and father are buying a washing machine first. After arguing about the camera, Doraemon takes out "Time Furoshiki" and makes the TV, camera and washing machine look new. They suddenly come up with the idea of ​​"refurbishing old things" and selling them for money. Nobita goes to collect items from Shizuka's house, but Doraemon is caught talking casually while collecting items from Shizuka. Suneo secretly climbs up the wall of Nobita's house and discovers Nobita and Doraemon's plan. After seeing the principle clearly, he steals "Time Furoshiki" from the clothes drying pole and then goes around to collect old things. Gian become suspicious and coerces him to confess and then robs him. After leaving, he still orders everyone to collect more things in the empty lot. Gian is caught by his mother and brings home to deliver goods because he runs out while guarding the grocery store earlier. Because she just "smoothly" asks Gian to wrap the eggs in "Time Furoshiki", she turns the eggs into chicks halfway, and when he catches the chicks, he loses "Time Furoshiki". Later, Suneo can't wait any longer and runs to look for Fat Tiger. During the process, he and Nobita happen to see the cloth being blown in the air by the wind. Just when Nobita and the others are about to get it first, Suneo quickly kicks down the trash can to stop them. On the way, "Time Furoshiki" flies everywhere, causing a tree to be covered with cherry blossoms, a car to be damaged, and two bald heads arguing about hair volume. One of them has hair (round head). After that, Gian takes "Time Furoshiki" back, but accidentally wraps it in "Time Furoshiki" and turns himself into a baby. Later, Doraemon carries him on his back, and then continues to chase Suneo. "Time Furoshiki" is finally snatches home by Suneo, so Nobita and Doraemon go to Suneo's house to get it back. Everyone is waiting for Gian in the empty lot. After Suneo and his mother understand the ins and outs in the living room, they think of using it to turn the old burgundy checkered handbag into a new one. However, they accidentally cover it for too long, causing it to return to the crocodile shape when it has not made yet into a handbag, and after seeing the crocodile, they run away in opposite directions.


Gadgets Used[]

  • Time Furoshiki


U.S. English dub edits[]

  • The flyer that Nobita's dad has it's Japanese text painted out.
  • Nobita and Doraemon glancing at the viewer upon creating their plan was taken out.


[Doraemon asks Suneo if he has any old items to give]
Suneo: Of course, because our family loves to use new things.
Doraemon: If you have things you don't want, just give them to me.
[Suneo gives a box of old items to Doraemon]
Suneo: Here.
Doraemon: Thank you!
Suneo: What would you want to use these old items for?
Doraemon: It's a secret. You are too crafty, I won't tell you. [as he is going out of Suneo's residence] If I tell you that we are going to use the Time Cloth to change the old items into new ones, you are definitely going to steal it. So I won't tell you.
Suneo: [stops walking and giggles] You have just blurted it out to me!

[One of the chicks continues to stand on Gian's head, who is looking for the Time Cloth. The cloth lands on the ground near Gian, to his delight]
Gian: [runs to the cloth elated and lets the chick go] Found it! Found it! [takes the cloth and wraps it around himself] I won't let it fly away ever again! [Before he knows it, the cloth turns him into a baby]

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Naming and Translation[]

Language Name Origin
Chinese 电击跳线
Hindi इलेक्ट्रिक शॉकिंग जम्पर
Vietnamese Jumper sốc điện


Voice Actor Role(s)
Megumi Ōhara Nobita
Yumi Kakazu Suneo
Wasabi Mizuta Doraemon
Tomokazu Seki Suneo
Subaru Kimura Gian