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The episode depicted in this article is from 1979 anime.
The Transformation Biscuits
Unnamed Guest Rooster 1979
Henshin Bisuketto
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Broadcast date April 3, 1979
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Previous episode The City of Dreams, Nobita Land
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The Transformation Biscuits is third episode of the 1979 anime.


On a sunny day, in Nobis' Residence, Nobita was walking through the lobby. A door opened and Tamako Nobi came out and asked Nobita to buy treats for the guests while giving him money from a purse. Nobita didn't wanted to and so he went to pass this job to Doraemon in his room. He saw that Doraemon was not there and a box was kept on the floor. He opened the box and found that it was filled with biscuits. He ate a cat-shaped biscuit and decided to take the box for the guest and went downstairs.

Tamako and Unnamed Guest were sitting in a room. Nobita entered through the door and apologised for taking time. He kept the plate filled with cookies on the table and grinned. Tamako asked him the reason to buy biscuits in anger and Unnamed Guest said that they love biscuits. She asked Nobita to buy something else and Nobita went.

In the next scene, packet of sweets zoomed out. Nobita asked for some sweets from the shopkeeper of the sweets stall and while asking he meowed and then turned back keeping his hands on his mouth. The Unnamed Shopkeeper handed him the change in Nobita's hands which had transformed into a cat's hand. The shopkeeper got scared as Nobita had transformed into a humanoid cat. Nobita counted the money and took the packet of sweets and asked the shopkeeper the reason he was staring at him while leaving. The shopkeeper responded "cat" while Nobita was walking beside a clothes shop which had wall of glasses. He suddenly stopped and looked at himself in the glass wall. He was shocked while seeing his face and ran away while shouting to ask help from Doraemon. Doraemon clarified that the buscuit was a gadget called "Animal Transformation Biscuits". Nobita was seen crying and meowing while sitting on the ground in Open Lot. Doraemon stated that after some time of eating the biscuit, it transforms the person into an animal and after 5 minutes the person transforms back to normal. Nobita transformed back to himself and was happy.

Nobita and Doraemon approached their house and opened the door of his guest room. They asked the guest about the number of biscuits he had and also asked if he is feeling ok. Nobita figured out that he had 4 biscuits till now. Tamako held Nobita by his arms and sent them out of the room. Nobita asked Doraemon a way to stop the transformation and Doraemon replied that there is no way. Nobita opened the door slightly and both of them looked at the scene going inside. Tamako and Nobita were laughing and the guest neighed. Doraemon assumed that he might have had horse shaped biscuit. He and Nobita entered the room and Nobita called them by saying that it's important. They showed him the way to washroom and he fully transformed into a humanoid horse went in. Both of them stood near the door while Tamako asked Nobita that where had he kept the biscuits. Nobita said that it's in the lobby and the guest came out being back to normal and went. Both of them were happy.

The scene changed to the room where Tamako and the guest were sitting and talking. He clucked and she got surprised. Doraemon told Nobita while standing near the door that the guest is going to transform into a chicken. They both entered in the room and Nobita asked the guest to go to washroom again. Tamako shouted on them in anger and they both went out. They decided to do something and Nobita asked the guest that he had got a phone call. Near the place where telephone was kept, the guest asked Nobita why the phone is not ringing and Nobita said that it's on the way. The phone ringed and he picked up the phone by his hand and spoke while being fully transformed into a chicken. Doraemon was speaking from the other end from a telephone booth. He wanted to keep the guest busy. The guest kept the phone in anger after having a small talk. After he transformed back to normal, he entered the room and closed the door. Nobita was relieved.

The scene was again the same, Tamako and the guest were laughing while both Doraemon and Nobita were watching secretly by keeping the door opened slightly. The guest chattered and his face transformed into chimpanzee's face. Nobita and Doraemon went in the room in hurry and danced on the table while the guest was fully transformed into a humanoid chimpanzee. Tamako got angry, shouted and chased them in the lobby while they ran. She was not able to find them. The door opened and the guest came out and said that he had to leave. Tamako apologised for the behaviour of Nobita and Doraemon.

In the next scene, he was walking on the streets. Nobita and Doraemon ran towards him while Nobita asked him to stay for some time. The guest turned his face towards them while responding and had transformed into a frog. Both of them were shocked while he moved ahead. Nobita's legs were shivering while thinking of Tamako's anger. Nobisuke Nobi met them on the streets and said that he knew Nobita made some mistakes. He opened the door of his house while saying that he'll apologise for him. He was shocked and fainted when he was trying to open his shoes. Tamako who had transformed into humanoid rabbit was holding water and cookies in her hands. Nobita and Doraemon said that Tamako also ate cookies and the plate and glass from Tamako's hands start falling.

Networthy Events[]

Character Debuts[]

  • Unnamed Guest
  • Unnamed Shopkeeper

Gadget Debuts[]


Gadgets Used[]


Naming and Translations[]

Language Name Origin
Chinese 動物變身餅乾 Animal Transforming Biscuits
Hindi ट्रांसफॉर्मेशन बिस्किट्स Transformation Biscuits
Vietnamese Bánh quy biến hình Transformation Biscuits


Voice Actor Role(s)
Noriko Ohara Nobita Nobi
Sachiko Chijimatsu Tamako Nobi
[[]] Unnamed Uncle
[[]] Unnamed Shopkeeper
Noriko Ohara Doraemon
Masayuki Katou Nobisuke Nobi


  • The transformation of characters into animals were similar to that of Wilby Daniels transforming into a sheepdog in The Shaggy Dog (1959).