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Episode depicted in this article is from 2005 anime.
The Warm Snowball Fight
Release date February 8, 2019
Japanese title ホカホカ雪で雪合戦
English title The Warm Snowball Fight
Season number 15
Episode number 550b
Adapted manga chapter Variety Types of Snow Modifiers
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Event Balloon
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The Warm Snowball Fight is an episode of the Doraemon 2005 anime.


Winter has arrived and Nobita has been staying at home. Doraemon advises Nobita to go out, but Nobita refuses to go out. The main reason is that Nobita is afraid of catching a cold. Doraemon says that if it snows, you can come outside. As soon as Nobita hears it is snowing, he sees Doraemon take out the "Weather Carpets and Experimental Machines" and creates wind and rain. But Nobita's room is wet. Nobita and the others go to the yard to try it out, and quickly uses gadget to create snow. Nobita wants strange snow, so he asks Doraemon to use various snow interface cards to make warm snow. Nobita feels tired of making snowballs, so he wants snow that can turn into snowballs, which makes Doraemon angry. Nobita discovers that there is a card that can conjure a snowball, so he conjures a snowman. Nobita also uses cards to create a castle and necklace made of snow, and lets Shizuka take a look. He then uses the card to conjure a crown made of snow for Shizuka. When Gian and Suneo sees Nobita, Nobita turns into a snowball and beats GIan and Suneo. But Nobita overplays his game and accidentally knocks out the snow girl.


Gadgets Used[]

  • Weather Carpets and Experimental Machines




Teaser for "Event Balloon" and "The Warm Snowball Fight"