• I am currently making a small 2D platformer and created a doraemon character. I need know about the copyright statements on it. Can I use that chracter and game publicly? If you want I can show the character too.Is it the right place?

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    • SuneoDash-san wrote:

      Hi. To answer your question, no, this is not the right place. You can show your character over here if you like: Doraemon Fanon Wiki. This wiki is only for things made by the official crew of Doraemon, so before using your character publicly, I suggest you contact the official Doraemon crew. This wiki is run by fans, and we are not sure about the copyright laws for the show. Doraemon is owned by TV Asahi, you can most likely contact them at their website. 😊

      AnimeCat245-san wrote:

      I'm sorry, but we didn't make Doraemon (or any other Fujiko IP's), this is a fan site, we just put info we know about the franchise on this wiki. we don't know any of the creators personally, sorry.

      If you want, you could contact the network (TV Asahi), that airs Doraemon and ask them about your game.

      Hope this helped.

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      To answer your question:

      • You've must contact TV Asahi, the one who currently hold the rights of Doraemon. However, there is no way of contacting TV Asahi. Only This (But this is for the glitches and bugs of the videos upload on the site) and This (But this is for the opinions, general questions and comments about the programs of TV Asahi)
      • A lot of fan-made games and artworks are posted in the net under Fair Use means that "it is okay for a person to reuse something that another person has created, in certain amounts and for certain purposes, without breaking the law". The iconic one is the Deviantart. You need to just put in the description "Doraemon ©TV Asahi", or something like that.
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    • Hiroppi, please help me out

      How to create a new article? I don't know much about it as I am new in this wikia

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    • How to add a image in an article?? Please help me out What we have to do

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    • First upload the image.


      • To add an image, type:
      [[File:<filename>|<size of image>px|thumb]]


      [[File:Sabu 2005 anime.png|150px|thumb]]
      • If you add an image to an infobox, type the filename of the image (Ex: Sabu 2005 anime.png etc.)
      {{Characters infobox/Draft
      |Name = Sabu
      |Image = Sabu 2005 anime.png
      |Birthdate= 22nd century
      |Gender = Male
      |Species = Human
      |Age = Old
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