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The Time Cloth (タイムふろしき Taimu Furoshiki), also known as Time Kerchief in the English dub, is a recurring gadget in the series.


The Time Cloth is capable of manipulating time on whatever it covers in a backward or forward direction.

The item does not need to be fully enclosed over its target to function and doesn't necessarily affect its attachments or certain other attributes. In one episode where Doraemon had hung the item over the drying rack, a stray breeze detaches it and the item ends up blinding Nobi Tamako. who tries to navigate around the house with her sight obstructed. Before Doraemon can notice, Tamako was reverted to her younger self (somewhat resembling Shizuka Minamoto), much to her surprise. Notably, even though her body has regressed, her other items did not, and she still retains her memories, resulting in her walking awkwardly in her oversized clothing.

Time cloth

Time Cloth in Anime

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  • In Stand by Me Doraemon, this gadget additionally would glow on use.
  • In the Bengali dub this gadget is called the Shomoyer Rumal, meaning 'The Handkerchief of Time'.
  • In Nobita's Dinosaur 2006, the clock designs on the gadget start to move when it is used.