The Time Cloth (タイムふろしき Taimu Furoshiki), also known as Time Kerchief in the English dub, is a recurring gadget in the series that has the ability to advance or reverse time depending on which two different colored sides are used. It was first used by Nobita to turn old appliances into new appliances to make money. But its uses extend to many other things, such as converting an object back to its starting material, repairing broken machinery, aging or making people younger, and restoring millions-of-years old fossils. When picked up, of course, the holder will not age, which means the cloth is only activated upon covering an item, hence why it can float over objects with no user and still change the time of objects.


When an object is wrapped around with red facing outward and blue inward, the flow of time reverses, causing the object to become newer. When wrapped around the other way (red-inward, blue-outward), time moves forward, causing the object to become older.

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  • In Stand by Me Doraemon, this gadget appears to glow when in use.
  • In the Bengali dub this gadget is called the Shomoyer Rumal, meaning 'Time Handkerchief'.
  • In Nobita's Dinosaur 2006,clock designs on the gadget start to move when it is used.
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