Time Machine is a gadget of 22nd Century which was created to do time travel.


The Time Machine consists of a computer operator and a panel consisting of few handles and switches. It has minimum one seat for the driver to sit. It also consists of an antennae like projection(s) which collects signals.

Doraemon's Time Machine is the most commonly seen and used time machine in the franchise. It consists of a nearly-square-shaped chassis, with various appliances mounting on it, such as controls, antennae, etc. The machine is magnetically powered. It originally has the capacity to hold up to three people at maximum. But since it had broken down once, Doraemon upgraded the gadget, and it is now able to transport up to five people. It is placed in the upper drawer of Nobita's desk in Nobita's room in Nobi's Residence. In the 1973 anime, Doraemon's Time Machine had two seats like car's interior and two levers. It was fully purple colored. The antennae didn't existed.

Dorami's Time Machine is more advanced as compared to Doraemon's. It is more spaceous and comfartable from inside. It is an orange (sometimes red) tulip-shaped machine with its leaf-like base. It has three antennae like projections at the top which seems to appear like the pistil of a flower. Dorami's time machine is placed in the mirror of her room.

The thief's Time Machine which appeared in A Visitor from the Country of the Future was black colored having a pair of yellow and red lights front and back.

Time Patrol's Time Machines resembles like a police car having black and white color with a small red tail like bulb which glows at the top. They are shaped like a computer mouse. The word "Police" is written on it's on both sides.

In Doraemon: Nobita's Dinosaur, Black Mask's Time Machine was flat and had his face on it. It had an antennae and a chair. His time hole was rectangular shaped. In Doraemon: Nobita's Dinosaur 2006, his Time Machine was highly advanced and was more comfortable with less controls. It was big and wide and was designed like a king's seat. His time hope was hexagonal.



  • Time Machine can be used to travel from one dimension to another. It can be used to travel to future and past.
  • It can also be used to travel to several locations existing in the same timeline.
  • The information of the landing place is filled in the computer by the user to let the Time Machine know the place and timeline where it has to transport the user.
  • One can try to change the incidents happened in the past or going to happen in the future by using this gadget.
  • It has the ability of speech, helping the user to confirm the destination.
  • Doraemon's Time Machine has a small tank which generally stores some water.
  • Black Mask's Time Machine has the ability to do electrokinesis. It consists of a jet stream and a riper like a bulldozer in 2006 movie.
  • It also has an auto-pilot option (which is revealed from the movie: Stand by Me Doraemon: 2)


  • Specialized skills are required to operate this vehicle. Otherwise, it is possible to be trapped in the void.
  • Laser or electricity shocks can damage the Time Machine causing a crash landing of the gadget in a random timeline.
  • When time bleeds occur, time machines could be displaced in time and fall in the vacuum of time.


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Original Manga
  • Chapter 001:All the Way From a Future World
  • Doraemon Jumps Out of the Desk
  • My Beloved Wife Jaiko!?
  • Chapter 008:Chin Up to the Ancestors
  • Chapter 012:Operation - Propose
  • Chapter 016:Run Run Bamboo Horse (unseen)
  • Chapter 018:I Love Roboko (unseen)
  • Chapter 021:The Day of My Birth
  • Chapter 033:Dinosaur Hunter
  • Chapter 035:Ayaushi! Lion Mask
  • Goodbye, Doraemon.../Manga
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  • Chapter 050:The Girl from Memory!
  • Chapter 070:Grandma's Memories
  • Chapter 077:Doraemon's Everywhere
  • Chapter 094:The 6 Million Yen Painting
  • Chapter 113:Stealing Mother's Diamond
  • Chapter 308:Stranded on an island in the past
  • Chapter 385:Alone in the Future World
  • Chapter 406:The Time Machine is lost!
  • Chapter 688:Nobita's Son Running Away From Home
  • Chapter 802:Going Too Far! The Wish Achieving Machine
  • Chapter 860: The Man Who Comes From Planet Galapa
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1973 Anime
1979 Anime
2005 Anime


  • This is the first gadget used in the franchise but it was used off screen.
  • It consists of a back gear by which the user returns to the previous location where Time Machine was at rest.
  • It can be used in a negative way by changing the effective historic changes which can cause problems to the nature and environment.
  • If the past gets changed, then the present and future also get affected as they change automatically.


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