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Time Patrol is a futuristic law enforcement organization in the series.

General Information

Formed in the 22nd century, TP authorities strive to combat temporal criminals: those that seek to change history for their personal gain, while also risks in the change of timeline and world's history as whole.

In general, TP officers are very effective. They employ a variety of advanced technology, aircraft and experienced pilots. They also have guards stationed in various timelines and periods to detect criminals. Due to their ability to conjure forces via temporal methods, they are able to muster a massive army. However, they also have problem when comes to Time Criminals from farther future such as 23th Century due to them possessing far more advanced technology, hindering the arrest.

Despite their strength, Time Patrol aren't omnipotent, as their jurisdication appears to only be limited to human people on Earth, with the following group being excluded/exempted despite their actions having effect on human history as whole:

Time Patrol also are vulnerable to time fabric tampering, making traveling impossible and forcing them to rely on the agents at that period to carry out the task instead.


In 2112: The Birth of Doraemon, it is shown that Time Patrol selects some members from Robot Cat's Audition, an event that happens after the school's graduation ceremony to determine the students' employment, mostly based on their markmanship as in the case of Dora the Kid.

It is possible for a teenager to be employed as member of the Time Patrol, such as in the case of Lulu, though in this case the person generally starts as a trainee before climbing up in rank and becoming a real member.


  • Dora the Kid - Special agent stationed on a Desert Planet in the 21st century.
  • Cronos - Former member of the Time Patrol. Currently incarcerated after he was exposed as the leader of the Nightmare Brothers, time criminals well-known for kidnapping important individuals in timeline to be sold into dark auction and slavery.
  • Lulu
  • Ream - A main charater from another manga by the author of Doraemon called Time Patrol Bon. Appears in two Doraemon films only.
  • Jill - Stationed at Cretacious period to monitor anormality and to research for the evolution of dinosaurs and its effect on timeline.
  • Natalie - Jill's boss. Stationed at Cretacious period to monitor anormality and suspicious action from time travelers.