Timed Stupidity Bomb (Stupidity Time Bomb) (じげんバカだん) is a gadget in the Doraemon anime. It makes a person make foolish things for a brief time, after it is set for a time.


Uset must set it in order to start the timer. Then, it can be attached to the person the user wants to mortify. When the timer runs out of time, it explodes and the person does some funny dances and repeatedly mumbling "Baka" (stupid in Japanese) for a brief time. This bomb also effects the peoples who grab the bomb which stick on another one's back or some robots after the explosion.

For example, Nobita put the Timed Stupidity Bomb onto behind Gian. When he sings the song at Suneo, the bomb actually explodes. After the effect of the gadget, Gian finishes Suneo for being his song as an funny song.

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  • In the Turkish dub, the gadget is called "Şapşallık Saati Bombaları" (means Sloppiness Time Bombs) also the person mumbles "Ben çok komiğim" (means i'm so funny) or "Bana baksana" (look at me) instead.


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