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Timed Stupidity Bomb (Stupidity Time Bomb) (じげんバカだん) is a gadget owned by Doraemon.


The bomb has a timer that must be activated before it can detonate. If anything was caught in its area of effect, the bomb stupefies its targets, causing them to hallucinate and behave erratically.
It affects both humans and machines, while the effect lasts for up to 5 minutes.

Names in other languages[]

  • Español: La Bomba Estupididadus (Stupidity's Bomb)
    • Genitive: Les Bombes Estupididadus
    • Dative: Le Bombe Estupididadus
    • Ablative: Lad Bómbad Estupididadus
    • Plural: Las Bombas Estupididadus
    • Genitive Plural: Laro Bombaro Estupididadus
    • Dative/Ablative Plural: Labus Bombabus Estupididadus
  • Portugués: A Bomba Da Estupididade (Bomb from Stupidity)
    • Genitive: Les Bombes...
    • Dative: Le Bombe...
    • Accusative: Lão Bombam...
    • Ablative: Lade Bombad...
    • Plural: As Bombas...
    • Genitive Plural: Larom Bombarom...
    • Dative/Ablative Plural: Laves Bombaves...
    • Accusative Plural: Las Bombas...

Appears in[]


  • In the Turkish dub, the gadget is called "Şapşallık Saati Bombaları" (means Sloppiness Time Bombs) also the person mumbles "Ben çok komiğim" (means i'm so funny) or "Bana baksana" (look at me) instead.
  • The Bomb's effect resembles that of the Stupid Bomb from the Super Mario comic The Stupid Bomb! from Valiant Comics.
  • There is a minigame that has this gadget in Doraemon Wii: Secret Tool King Tournament. However, the effect wears off in seconds.