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Episode depicted in this article is from 2005 anime.
To Get Rose in a Good Mood
Release date June 23, 2017
Japanese title 百年後のフロク
English title To Get Rose in a Good Mood
Episode number 487b
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To Get Rose in a Good Mood is an episode from Doraemon (2005 series).


Shizuka introduces the puppy doll she bought with pocket money to Nobita, and Suneo ridicules that it is very suitable for Nobita. Nobita is annoyed by Suneo and says that he doesn't like Shizuka's doll and dirty it, which makes Shizuka angry. After returning home, Doraemon takes out "Thorny Rose" and asks Nobita to cultivate it. Nobita keeps changing his image according to Doraemon's instructions, such as washing hands, brushing teeth, combing hair), goes to the river to fetch water to water the rose, and uses milk as fertilizer to water the rose, but the rose keeps shooting at him needle piercing, and almost shoots Nobita's mother to make her angry, so Nobita and Doraemon can only go to the mountain behind the school. Doraemon suggests that Nobita use humus soil to plant and play music to it, so Nobita sings in the back mountain, which angers rose again. After that, Nobita goes to the park to row a boat again, and gets rid of the bugs for the rose, and the rose grows. After seeing it, Suneo bluntly says that Nobita becomes weird after being hates by Shizuka. At this time, Doraemon forgets to have a date with Mii-chan, so he borrows "Thorny Rose" from Nobita. Nobita then carries the rose to Shizuka to apologize to her. When he meets Gian who has just beaten Suneo, Nobita has no choice. Use your second chance to get away with it. Nobita sees Shizuka's figure and chases after him, but sees the little girl in the empty lot making trouble because of the teddy bear doll. Nobita decides to give the last chance to the little boy who broke the doll. It happens that Shizuka accepts Nobita's apology after seeing Nobita's behavior. At the end of the story, Suneo knows the ins and outs of the matter, and then takes away the rose, keeps provoking Gian, fixes his hair with clothespins, and paints graffiti on his face.


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