Toraemon has Appeared is an episode from the 1979 series.


Nobita's friends have been pranked using gadgets, and they think Doraemon is the culprit. Nobita confronts Doraemon, who insists he didn't do it. Doraemon himself is then pranked with a flying dorayaki, and he gets caught in a rope trap. He then meets Toraemon, a robot cat like him who enjoys pranks and was responsible for pranking Nobita's friends earlier. Toraemon runs away and meets Nobita's dad, whom he then proceeds to hit with a plastic hammer. Nobita and Doraemon come and Doraemon tries to use a gadget to stop Toraemon, but Toraemon uses a magnet to attract all of Doraemon's gadgets. But the weight of all the gadgets is too heavy and he collapses under them. Nobita's dad wants to beat up Toraemon, but Doraemon stops him. Toraemon seems to become friendly and goes back to the future in peace, but it turns out he placed signs on Doraemon and Nobita's backs that read ばか ("Baka") or idiot in Japanese.

Gadgets used

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  • If Doraemon is made of metal, then the magnet should have attracted him too. Unless he's made of non-magnetic metals or has some kind of damper.
  • Toraemon's name is a combination of "Doraemon" and the word "tora" (tiger), because of his tiger stripes.