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The episode depicted in this article is from 1979 anime.
Toy Troop
Toy Troop title card (1979)
Release date April 25, 1979
Japanese title おもちゃの兵隊
English title Toy Troop
Season number 1
Episode number 21 (1979 anime)
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Toy Troop is an episode from the Doraemon 1979 anime and the Doraemon 2005 anime.


Gian has just finished Karate and targets Nobita to use his art as he mercilessly chases him. After a close call, Nobita contacts Doraemon to help him, but Doraemon is too busy playing with his jigsaw puzzle and refuses to aid him. So he sends the Toy Soldiers to protect Nobita. Gian has found Nobita in the phone booth and takes him out for a karate training. Suddenly, there are marching sounds of the toy soldiers. Gian laughs and attack the troop due to their minuscule size, but he gets shot by them and runs away. While Nobita is walking home Suneo's baseball ball is about to hit Nobita's head so the troop shoot it. Suneo gets mad to Nobita (probably a new ball) and refuses to forgive him, but he is poked by the troop and run away, but still get shot. Nobita knows that it will go horrible so hurry home. That is until he bumped into Sensei who tries to give him another one of his countless amounts of failed test papers, but Sensei gets shot as well. While running back him, Shizuka mildly touches his shoulder and wonder why he is hurry, but the troop shot her. Furious at the Toy Soldiers for attacking Shizuka all because she was being nice to him, Nobita attempts to escape them. However, Gian has returned with a few equipment and weapons to use to hurt Nobita and/or the Toy Soldiers. He remains undeterred by Nobita's pleads for mercy. So the Toy Soldiers attack Gian once again and knocked him out.

At home mother wonders if Nobita is already back, but she went to sweep the leaves in front of the house. When Nobita is back, she yells at Nobita, but Nobita says not to scold him then because of the troop. Tamako threatened to hit him with a broom, but the troop chase her and aim her to shoot. Nobita hastily begs Doraemon to stop those soldiers and recklessly ruins his puzzle; Doraemon gets angry and scolds at him, and then shot by the troop. Tamako climbs on top of the antenna to avoid herself from shooting, and Nobita trying to revive Doraemon. While hanging for her life, the Toy Soldiers are having trouble trying to get a good aim at her as she screams for help.


Gadgets Used[]

  • Toy Soldiers