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Wangdora explaining the phenomenon

Urashima Phenomenon is an event that occurs due to discrepancy of the time between two locations.

The phenomenon originates from the fairy tale Urashima Taro in which the titular aged rapidly after returning to the surface despite stayed at the Dragon Palace for only three days. This is because the timeline of the surface world adjusts itself on Urashima Taro, increasing his age by three hundred years for that one day in the Dragon Palace equals hundred years for the surface world.

  • In Cinderella Nobita, Urashima Taro suffers from said phenomenon and tries to commit suicide as everyone he knows is no longer alive. Sympathizing with him, Doraemon and Nobita use Time Cloth to restore Taro's youth and give him Time Belt to allow him to return back to the day that he left.
  • In Eight Days at the Dragon Palace, it is shown that the scientists at the Dragon Palace are capable of storing the discrepancy of time in a box, preventing the rapid aging from occuring once the person returns to the surface world.
  • In The Doraemons Special Vol.7, Queen Supika and her people has been trapped in the fourth dimension for 800 years without aging. Because of this, should the Queen and her people cross the Time Tunnel and return to the outside world they'll die due to the discrepancy of the time as they will be aged rapidly by 800 years (in which no normal human can remain alive).