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  • I was born on November 3
  • My occupation is Student
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This user is currently Doraemon wiki's administrator.

2679D Bloom Suneo

2679D (born November 3) is a Singaporean Fandom user. He is currently an active user of the Doraemon Wiki.



2679D first joined Fandom (then known as Wikia) on August 9, 2016, mainly editing in the English Doraemon Wiki. After a period of inactivity he returned to the wiki in 2019 and embarked on a major expansion plan for the English Doraemon Wiki with an aim to reach 5,000 articles by 2020, the golden jubilee of the Doraemon manga. He was promoted to Content Moderator on January 15, 2020 and then to administrator on April 20 the same year.

He gives updates on the number of articles on the English Doraemon Wiki, as well as the article count ranking across all the Doraemon Wikis in his blog every month. Beginning from March 2020 he also gives updates on the number of articles on the English Doraemon Wiki every week. He also starts fun discussions once in a while.

2679D currently edits articles from Singapore.


2679D is currently the proud owner of nine Wiki Expert badges, eight Curator badges, and 14 Wiki Planner badges. As of August 15, 2020, He is currently:

  • The second user to earn the eighth Wiki Expert badge as well as the third user to earn the ninth Wiki Expert badge;
  • The fourth user to earn the eighth Curator badge; and
  • The second user to earn the 14th Wiki Planner badge.

In addition, of the 1,395 users who earned the Welcome to the Wiki badge, he is also:

  • One of 336 users to earn the Stopping By to Say Hi badge.
  • One of 290 users to earn the Introduction badge.
  • One of 77 users to earn the Key to the Wiki badge.
  • One of 76 users to earn the Something to Say badge.
  • One of 27 users to earn the Two Weeks on the Wiki badge.
  • One of 19 users to earn the Devoted badge.
  • One of 15 users to earn the And One More Thing badge.
  • One of 12 users to earn the Dedicated badge.
  • One of 10 users to earn the Caffeinated badge.
  • The fifth user to earn the Pounce badge.
  • One of six users to earn the Addicted badge.
  • The third user to earn the A Wiki Life badge, after he contributed to the wiki every day for 200 days.
  • The proud owner of eight Lucky Edit badges.

He is currently ranked #3 on the English Doraemon Wiki, ahead of Gerald-kun and behind Hiroppi. If not counting inactive users, he is currently second, behind Dazz (IamtheJerry01).

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