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Hiyya! I am Dazz. I am a 17 years old guy and a user of this wiki. I like cartoons, games, comics, etc. I love teddies and soft toys. I used to read Chacha Chaudhary comic books. I also like Disney movies. I am an active user here, feel free to message me on my wall or on Discord if you have any query.

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More Info

About Me

I am Dazz, a 17 years old guy. My profession is a student. My birthday is on November 14 and live in India. I usually spend 2 to 3 hours on the wiki, Discord, and other social media. I am a foodie person irl. I spend rest of my time watching cartoons, movies, reading books, etc. I like teddy bears and soft toys. My favorite game is cricket. I love to watch T20 cricket and my favorite league is IPL. My favorite team is Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB). My favorite food is Noodles and my favorite colors are Aqua and Indigo.

My Messages

  • I'll be on a break until I don't wish to return.
    • Possibly after a week; hardly two.

My Quotes

Arrow's aim gets better as the distance decreases, Rocks don't break but the sponge squeezes. And when someone close to ya breaks your heart, then you wanna suffer from memory loss like diseases.

— Dazz

Don't change your personality for someone else, literally you would be showing that you are fake and that you'd be acting in real life.

— Dazz


  • I have never watched the Marvel movies.
  • I have never watched any Harry Potter series or episode.
  • I prefer animated movies above the live action movies.
  • I have only read one Comic Book series in my whole life i.e. of Chacha Chaudhary.
  • I have never played the trending games like PUBG, Fortnite, COD, Overwatch, etc.
I am interested in cartoons, anime, manga, games, music, movies and comics. I love to watch Doraemon and Disney movies. I mostly watch the cartoons like Ben 10, Doraemon, Tom & Jerry, Mickey Mouse, Chacha Chaudhary, etc. I like to play Roblox but these days I am not able to take out time for it. I love to hear Hindi/Bollywood songs especially rap, hip-hop, and rock music. I read the comics of Chacha Chaudhary. My favorite -





Doraemon Opinions
Here are list of my favorites - anime series, characters, episodes, etc.


Animes (Ranking)

  1. 1973 Anime
  2. 2005 Anime
  3. 1979 Anime


  • TBA



Manga Chapters

  • I will edit it after my project ends.
Doraemon Wiki

My History

I joined this wiki on April 29, 2018 as a normal user. I got promoted to Discussions Mod on May 8, 2018 and then to Content Mod on June 24, 2018. After 4 months, I got promoted to Admin. So, October 10, 2018 was a memorable day for me since becoming admin on the wikis having more than 2000 articles is a matter of pleasure. Then on April 20, 2020, I got promoted to Bureaucrat. I am an active user and usually edit the wiki daily. I literally pay attention on Discussions as there are very few people involved in Discussions on the wiki. I love to edit this wiki since I spend most of my time editing it.

My Edits

I usually edit the episode and gadgets pages. I also edit Manga articles sometimes but I rarely edit the characters pages. I usually add info on the episodes of 1979 and 2005 anime. I also add galleries of the episode pages. I also create useful templates here like the infoboxes, gallery boxes, etc.

  • I got 10k on November 14, 2020, surprisingly on my birthday.

My Discussions

I create posts of tricky question and answers. I reply on almost all the newer posts and also vote on the polls. I am not enough active on Discussions as very few people post stuffs on it. And therfore, I pay most of my attention in editing. I have some questions which can be answered only by the people involved in Cast and Crew of Doraemon.

My Blogs

My blogs mostly contain important stuffs like voting (like suggestion threads) either for or against the decision, or the changes taking place on the wiki and also the new and updated guidelines.

My Job

Like other admins, my job is also to prevent vandalism on this wiki and contribute in the development on it. I warn the users twice when they break the policies of the wiki and then block them. I directly block the people who abuse multiple accounts after confirming their IP address from Fandom staffs. I also make the featured article voting on the wiki.

My Projects

I have a lot of projects on this wiki. I have achieved success in few, while many of them are still in pending list. My projects focus and help in the development and enhancement of this wiki. Here is a list of my projects (Completed projects have a check mark "✅" beside it) -

  • Separation of each anime of all the episode articles ✅ - I separated and created new articles for each anime of every episode.
  • Separation of galleries of episodes to their subpages ✅ - I separated galleries from the main episode articles to their subpages.
  • Directly tab viewing on the the main episode articles which have been created in different anime series ✅ - I added <tabview> to the main episode pages which are created in different anime series.
  • Deletion of duplicated manga articles and their galleries ✅ - I deleted the duplicated manga article and their galleries.
  • Creation of Page Creation Portal ✅ - I created the page creation portal on the wiki.
  • Creation of new infoboxes ✅ - I created the new infoboxes which do not have errors and would be used permanently on the wiki.
  • Creation of subpages for the gallery of manga chapters ✅ - I created the subpages for the galleries of manga chapters.
  • Addition of manga chapters' links in the <tabview> of episodes ✅ - I added the manga chapters' links in the <tabview> of episodes.
  • Update of the community message and welcome message ✅ - I updated the community message and welcome message and added few more important messages.
  • Creation of the policies and addition of info about the wiki ✅ - I created the policies and added few more important info of the wiki in a category.
  • Creation of pages for the people of real world ✅ - I created pages for the Japanese and English voice actors, singers, composers, producers, directors, animators, etc.
  • Completion of Gadget articles 🚧 - Work is going on.
  • Filling galleries.
  • Adding sufficient information on all episode pages.
  • Filling characters galleries.

My Friends

Here is a list of users who have helped me enough and are in the list of my friends on this wiki -

  • Creeper - A decent guy who is quite funny.
  • Miro - A decent and great versatile editor who loves to contribute to the wiki and develop it.
  • Tom - A really nice and talented guy who as a good knowledge of templates.
  • Cat - A kind and helping person who gives me good and beneficial suggestions whenever I am confused or I dunno how to react.
  • Dalek - A guy who is very supportive and gives beneficial advices.
  • Suneo - A great artist and good editor.
  • Gerald - An awesome editor having a huge versatility.
  • Darwin A guy who takes the responsibility and adheres to it from front.
  • Karbonite - A trustworthy person.
  • 2679D - A talented editor who has a great knowledge of Doraemon.
  • Pannen - He was a pretty talented editor and a generous person who had a spirit of development of wiki. Even if he is not in the world, I'll forever remember him.
  • Bloom - A faithful person.

My Achievements

  • I got ranked #1 on the wiki on June 7, 2020. Most of the badges I have earned for adding categories to the articles.
  • I got 100 badges with 8090 points on July 10, 2020.

My Lucky Edits Badges

  • 76,000th edit
  • 98,000th edit
  • 99,000th edit
  • 100,000th edit
  • 101,000th edit
  • 103,000th edit
  • 104,000th edit
  • 105,000th edit

This user is currently a Doraemon wiki's Bureaucrat.