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Dishonourable mention

”Doraemon Does Nobita’s Homework” script

Screenplay: Nobita

Cast: Doraemon, Nobita

Doraemon is in a good mood and proceeds to do Nobita’s homework. Despite Nobita declining the offer, Doraemon insists on doing so, so he goes to Nobita’s desk, sits on the chair and stops moving.


My favorite characters

I had no favorite Doraemon characters were listed here.

Favorite Doraemon songs (Not in best to worst order)

Favorite episodes

I had no favorite Doraemon episodes were listed here.

Most HATED Doraemon episode


I'm sick of Internet

Other TV shows I like

I had no favorite other shows were listed here.

Favorite TV show and book characters

I had no favorite other TV shows and book characters were listed here.


Hated TV show characters

I hate these people, so I'm not going to link to them

  • All of the Super Mario series characters

Favorite movies

I'm sick of Theaters too

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