It has been a big boost for the English Doraemon Wiki last month as it added 240 pages, bringing the total article count to just 20 articles shy of 4,000. The Japanese Doraemon Wiki, which remains at the top of the article count list, saw an increase in article count after a period of stagnation, with eight articles added; it needs to increase the count further by 21 to achieve its milestone of 12,500 articles. Furthermore, the Bengali, Indonesian, Portugese, Tagalog and Thai Doraemon Wikis each saw an increase of at least one article for the first time in at least three months. The Chinese Doraemon Wiki grew steadily with 18 articles added, while the Vietnamese Doraemon Wiki rose by 40 articles from the previous month.

Rank Wiki Article count Diff.
1 22px-Flag of Japan.svg Japanese Doraemon Wiki 12,479 +8
2 22px-Flag of China.svg Chinese Doraemon Wiki 6,737 +18
3 1600px-Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Flag of the United States.svg English Doraemon Wiki 3,980 +240
4 22px-Flag of Vietnam.svg Vietnamese Doraemon Wiki 1,223 +40
5 22px-Flag of Thailand.svg Thai Doraemon Wiki 636 +1
6 20px-Flag of Spain 100px Spanish Doraemon Wiki 343 0
7 22px-Flag of India.svg Hindi Doraemon Wiki 319 0
8 22px-Flag of Italy.svg Italian Doraemon Wiki 89 0
9 22px-Flag of Indonesia.svg Indonesian Doraemon Wiki 77 +1
10 Flag of Phillipines.svg Tagalog Doraemon Wiki 63 +1
11 243px-Flag of Brazil.svg 22px-Flag of Portguese.svg Portugese Doraemon Wiki 39 +1
12 22px-Flag of Bangladesh.svg Bengali Doraemon Wiki 24 +1
13 22px-Flag of Korea.svg Korean Doraemon Wiki 8 0
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