Hi, random passerby. If you tend to cringe to a really really bad grammar or you hate me so much, please look away from this post. Thank you~

I want to say that, I want to quit, or rather retire from the position of Administrator of Doraemon Wiki


  • I lose interest in Doraemon anime and manga; Inactivity
    • I think it is more efficient that an admin must be a loyal and a dedicated fan of Doraemon. It happens that I lose interest in Doraemon anime and manga

>>TBH, I have more reasons why, but I cannot say anything more than that. It may cause controversy around the community.<<

I will settle some things today before I will cease my admin rights.


I'm very sorry that I wasted this entrusted responsibility for this Wiki. Especially to my fellow admins, who I talked to for a long time, and to all the active users who contributed here from time-to-time.

My messages to the admins (Click expand)

Doraemonrules-san, I'm sorry you entrusted me with this rights and wasted it after a whole year. Please use your power as a bureaucrat, to give these rights to a more loyal contributor and fan of Doraemon.

AdorableDarling-san, I'm glad that you've give me opportunity to have these rights, thank you very much. I apologize for this matter.

BloomRocks!-san, thank you for the urge to talk to me, especially that I'm very shy at communicating. I'm also very sorry for this matter and good luck to your studies~

AnimeCat245-san, although we don't communicate that much, I'm very sorry for this matter.

SuneoDash-san, I believe you're the person that I most talked to with (because of same interests and such like that). First of all sorry that I'm not communicating to you that much these days. Sorry for being very awkward to you. Second, thank you, for being a good friend to me. We used to hangout in the chat, and chat about Doraemon and MLP related. To be honest, talking with you is better than talking with my old friends (because last 2015, I've suffered depression because of friendship issues, and escape it by editing and contributing here. [Don't worry I've recovered now]).

I want to say more than that, but I think this is enough to convey to each of everyone here.


After I cease the admin rights:

  • I might continue to edit here, especially when there is involvement of my favorite seiyuus,

but only as my another account Hiyorinyan.

  • Doraemon Wiki's twitter account is forgotten. It is very long and somewhat related to Doraemon

no Uta. For the facebook page, I will still hold it, until someone is interested to manage the page

  • I will also remove my rights to the Doraemon Fanon Wiki, so I will give Bureaucrat rights to

the current admins, Bloomrocks! and SuneoDash. It is their choice whether they grant rights to other users or they may remove their bureaucrat rights.

I think Doraemon Wiki will be much more better without me. I'm very sorry for my bad grammar and to my cringey blog post.

That's all, thank you, and sorry.

40px-Rowlet.png ♥Jewel-chan♥talk40px-Nyaonix_sprite.png 05:19, June 1, 2017 (UTC)

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