Hey wikians! We are having a lot of infobox templates on the wiki. Due to which we the admins decided to make the inboxes which would be used only on the wiki articles.

Infobox for Episodes

It would be used on all the episode pages from now. Go through the given link above and see how an episode would look if this infobox would be added.

Infobox for Gadgets

This template would only be used on the gadget pages from nowadays.

Infobox for Characters

This template would only be used on the character pages. View the source of this infobox by the provided link above.

Infobox for Movies

This template would be used on the movie pages. You can see how it can be added to the articles by the link in the heading above.

Infobox for Manga Chapters

Use this template on the manga chapter pages. We have created a chapter page with this infobox, go through the link above and see how it looks and works.

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