Hey editors! We the admins have bought something new for you all i.e., the Page Creation Portal.

What Is Page Creation Portal

Page Creation Portal, as the name suggests, a portal used to create pages. What was the need of the page creation portal since you can already create the pages by Special:CreatePage option present beside the wiki activity option at the top. There was a need to create it since this portal is just like templates which we add to the wiki pages directly and just need to customize it a little bit.

Uses of Page Creation Portal

It has a lot of uses -

  • It can be used to create pages with a full, ready-made layout that they just need to customize.
  • It would reduce the layout errors of the page.
  • It would also reduce your time issues and the you would be able to create pages easily.

What Type of Pages Can Be Created By Page Creation Portal

Currently, we can create episode pages, gadget pages, movie pages, character pages and manga chapter pages by this portal. You can also create blog pages, category pages and templates by this. We have also added the links by which you can add the images, galleries and create your personal sandbox pages through this.

Why To Use Page Creation Portal

Since a wiki looks good if it uses only one type of infobox for episodes, characters, gadgets on all articles and the layout also has to be in the systematical order like Trivia should be below the Gadgets Used in the episode pages. So to prevent you from doing mistakes or errors on the wiki, we would advice you to create the pages by the Page Creation Portal.

Thank You! I hope you liked it. Feel free to comment down if you have any query. I would also ask you to read this blog.

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