Veena's husband, known as Vera's husband in the English version, is a character from Doraemon: Story of Seasons.


Veena's husband is a splitting image of her son Ranch, except that his hair is brown instead of turquoise. He also has a light stubble around his chin.


Doraemon veenafamily

With his wife and son

Veena's husband was a farmer who worked in the town of Shuzen alongside his younger sister Haschee. He met and fell in love with Veena, a scientist far away from the future who got stranded in the past due to her Time Machine broke down. Eventually, the two married and had a child together, who, they named Ranch. During this time, draughts, famines, and various natural disasters hit the village, causing suffering among the people. In order to save the village, Veena planted the Elder Tree Seed, a prototype gadget developed by her which is capable of returning land and air to their original untainted states, and managed to purify the village's nature, saving them from their fate and causing the people to worship her as the goddess. Unfortunately, due to the gadget being an untested prototype, it's dreadful side-effect, the Gigastorm, was unleashed, consuming the village and scattered many of the villagers into the different time periods, with Veena's husband, their son Ranch, and Veena herself being among the victims.

In the ending, after Doraemon and the gang returned to their own time with Veena's repaired Time Machine, it's shown that Veena's husband finally reunited with Veena and the now grown up Ranch after many years.


  • Veena's husband is the only NPC character that Nobita cannot interract with during the game, as he only returns to the village after the ending.
  • Given Veena's role in the game is a reference to the Harvest Goddess from various games in Harvest Moon/Story of the Seasons Franchise, Veena's husband may be modeled after the farmer protagonist who can also marry the Harvest Goddess in some of the game.
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