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Episode depicted in this article is from 2005 anime.

Viking, By All Means (なんでもバイキング Nandemo Baikingu) is an episode from the 2005 series.


Suneo tells Nobita and the others that they can eat whatever they want in the hotel. Nobita and the others feel very envious. Unwilling, Nobita has no choice but to ask Doraemon for help. In order to help Nobita realize his wish, Doraemon tales out the "Anything Viking" to help Nobita. First, he uses gadget to ask Nobita's mother to spend money to get dorayaki. Gian wants to take the manga in Yasuog and Haruo's hands, and Nobita uses it to read manga. (The Fujio E. Fujio in the manga here imitates Fujiko F. Fujio.) From then on, Nobita uses gadget and can get on the bus without buying a ticket. He can go anywhere, including ice cream and toys. Take the game console and the claw machine to play casually, and Nobita also watches a movie. And all this is seen by Mr. Gian. Nobita finds Shizuka and asks her to try it, but under Nobita's guidance, Shizuka says "take a bath until you are full", and everyone asks Shizuka to go to someone else's house to take a bath, and finally Shizuka drops the gadget, but is taken away by Gian and Suneo But there is only one shell left, so they play tricks, and finally ends up with "hard things to get enough".


  • Viking actor

Gadgets Used[]

  • Anything Viking


  • This episode's name originated from the fact that in Japan, the word Viking is used to refer to unlimited buffet. The term was invented in 1957 by Tetzuzo Inumaru, the president of Japan's Imperial Hotel at time, after experiencing smorgasbord in Denmark and wishing to utilize the same kind of service at his hotel. Since then, the term Viking became popular and spred throughout Japan with many shops and restaurants offering this kind of service.
  • Given the fact that it grants the user his/her exact wish unlike the similar wishing gadget, it can be presumbled that the gadget was programmed to prevent the user from "wishing for more wishes" like what Gian and Suneo try in this episode.
  • The manga that Nobita gets from Gian is called Toraemon. It's a parody of Doraemon with a tiger (tora in Japanese) as the title character. There doesn't appear to be a connection to the anime character also called Toraemon.
  • In scene when Doraemon play stuffed toy machine, there have 2 doll resemble U-ko from Obake no Q-tarō and Monga from 21-Emon.



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Teaser for "Viking, By All Means"