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The Voice Candy is a gadget that can change one's voice.


First say anything to the mike, this will record one's voice. Then the gadget will turn it into a candy. Get another person to eat the candy and he/she will have the speaker's voice. The effect will wear off after half an hour. He/She can also change into another voice.

Appears in[]

Names in other languages[]

  • Español:
    • Castillano: El Dulce Vocius (Candy of Voices)
      • Genitive singular: Lís Dulcius Vocius
      • Dative singular: Lí Dulci Vocius
      • Ablative singular: Lod Dúlcid Vocius
      • Nominative plural: Los Dulces Vocius
      • Genitive plural: Loro Dulciro Vocius
      • Dative/Ablative plural: Loyes Dulcibus Vocius
      • Accusative plural: Los Dulcis Vocius
    • Latin America: La Mentita Vocius (Voice's Mint)
      • Genitive singular: Les Mentites Vocius
      • Dative singular: Le Mentite Vocius
      • Ablative singular: Lad Mentítad Vocius
      • Plural: Las Mentitas Vocius
      • Genitive plural: Laro Mentitaro Vocius
      • Dative/Ablative plural: Labus Mentitabus Vocius
  • Portugués: O Dulce Vocios (Candy of Voices)
    • Genitive singular: Lois Dúlcius Vocios
    • Dative singular: Loi Dúlcei Vocios
    • Accusative singular: Ló Dulcim Vocios
    • Ablative singular: Lode Dulcid Vocios
    • Nominative plural: Os Dulces Vocios
    • Genitive plural: Lorom Dulcirom Vocios
    • Dative/Ablative plural: Lojes Dulcives Vocios
    • Accusative plural: Los Dulcis Vocios
  • Italiano: Il Dolciumi Vocios (Voice's Candy)
    • Genitive singular: Lois Dolciumis Vocios
    • Dative singular: Loi Dolciumi Vocios
    • Accusative singular: Lome Dolciumom Vocios
    • Ablative singular: Lode Dolciúmod Vocios
    • Nominative plural: I Dolciumi Vocios
    • Genitive plural: Loro Dolciumoro Vocios
    • Dative/Ablative plural: Lojes Dolciúmies Vocios
    • Accusative plural: Lós Dolciumos Vocjos
  • Français: Les Bonbons de Voix (Voice Candy)