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Wasabi Mizuta (born August 4, 1974, Aoyama, Mie) is a Japanese voice actress. She provides the voice of Doraemon since the 2005 anime. She formally appeared in the Pokémon Best Wishes series in Japan, voicing Ash's Tepig.

Characters Voiced

2005 Anime



Momo and nana

Momo and Nana, Wasabi's cats

  • Her real name is private but she revealed that her name (her surname and her nickname) is quite long so she calls herself "Wasabi".
    • So far, her real name is never been revealed online.
    • According to this Japanese blog , her real name is maybe Miki Mizuta(水田美紀).
    • Her name "Wasabi Mizuta" was given by Kenichi Ogata.
  • She is a huge fan of BUMP OF CHICKEN, who sang Tomodachi no Uta.
  • Her favorite secret gadget is the Dress Up Camera, because it allows her to dress quickly.
  • She has two cats named Momo and Nana.
  • She loves wearing kimonos.
  • Her favorite music genre is Japanese Rock.
  • She can play softball.
  • She uses Kansai dialect.
  • She is not used to technology.
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