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Werewolf Cream
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Release date August 21, 2014
Season number 1
Episode number 39
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The House of Forced Fitness
Monsters in the House


Noby's mom reads her son's essay about "Things That Scared Me To Death". In the essay, Noby mentions about the man who turned into a werewolf on a television programme, but Mom finds it boring. However, she becomes angry when he writes about another scarier thing - that of Mom's angry look. Frightened, Noby and Doraemon run back to their room. Doraemon takes out the Werewolf Cream gadget to compare which is scarier. He applies the cream on himself and turns into a werewolf upon seeing a round rubbish bin, and chases Noby around the house. A moment later, he goes back to normal. Doraemon removes the cream by washing his face.

Noby is shocked to find Mom accidentally applying the Wolfman Cream and going out of the house, but he leaves Doraemon to take care of Mom and goes back to his room to do his homework. Doraemon catches up with Mom, but belatedly realizes his own face is round, too, and this almost turns Mom into a werewolf. Doraemon has to stretch his face while tagging with Mom.

Along the way, Doraemon encounters many round objects and prevents Mom from seeing them to prevent her from turning into a werewolf. He even gets beaten up by Big G and Sneech when he kicks away the football they are playing. When they finally reach Mom's friend's house, the sight of the round lamps turns Mom into a werewolf. Doraemon hides her in a bush for a while.

When they finally enter the house, Doraemon collects the round objects in the room and hides them. Later, Mom's friend prepares snacks, but Doraemon takes them for himself after seeing that they are round, and Mom sends him out of the house. However, her friend faints when Mom turns into a werewolf after Mom sees the round light bulb and they rush her to the hospital.

When Mom and Doraemon return home at night, they run into a robber with a flashlight demanding for money. Mom scares him away when she sees that the flashlight is round and is turned into a werewolf. Mom looks at herself in the mirror back home - and wonders why everyone is scared away by her beautiful face.

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