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The What-If Phone Booth, also known as What-If Phone Box (もしもボックス), is one of Doraemon's gadgets.


The user must enter the booth, take the phone off, then say "What if ____?" , then set the phone down. Once this is done, it technically warps the user to an alternate dimension of their current world, while original world and its timeline continue on as usual[1]. Traveling future after using the gadget will result in the user arriving at the same parallel world and not the original world[2], but traveling back to the past will result in the user arriving at the original world prior to the usage of the gadget[3].

It is also possible to revert the machine's effects manually by using it with specific commands.


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  • It is a pun on two Japanese words "moshimoshi" meaning hello and "moshimo" meaning what if.


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