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The episode depicted in this article is from 1979 anime.

Gakko Mask Appearance is an episode from Doraemon (1979 series).


At Nobita's house, Doraemon keeps telling him to stop slacking off from studying, while Nobita doesn't care and just reads a manga, then goes downstairs ignoring Doraemon's advice. Nobita's parents are discussing about Nobita's scholarship and they said it's better to hire a tutor to increase his academic in the future, but Nobita barges inside the room and tells them that hiring a tutor is a bad idea, because they have to pay a lot of money, twice as the amount, which changes his parent's mind and Nobita sigh in relief. Suddenly, a mysterious man opened the door (with a mask on) offered Nobisuke and Tamako to be Nobita's personal tutor, then both of them goes upstairs.

Mask of Academic gave him lots of textbooks to work on, while Nobita complains that it's too much. Refusing to do his work, he pulled out a whip, to threatening Nobita, which makes Nobita got really scared and goes back to his desk. As minutes or hours pass by, Doraemon arrived back home, and Nobita hides Doraemon telling him that his tutor is bullying him. He replied back that he's just increasing his mentality of studying, and somehow Doraemon also agrees, while Nobita's was shocked by his response too, and goes back to his desk. Doraemon thanked Mask of Academic for making him study, but his thought changed after he used his whip and hits Nobita multiples such as: his head, his back, and his behind multiplied times. Then, he heard his friends Gian and Suneo outside waiting, and Nobita hides behind Doraemon with his nervous face telling that he has something important with them, but the Mask of Academic stops him and tells him to go back on studying then goes out. Outside, Suneo and Gian laughing while the Mask of Academic tells them to stop laughing. Gian and Suneo saying that Nobita doesn't need a tutor, just let him go back at kindergarten. Offended by their response, he grabs his whip and hits them, which scares them away with fear.

Nobita asked help on Doraemon to get away from the Mask of Academic. No matter how many times he tries his gadgets to hide using the Invisible Cape and the Computer Pencil the Mask of Academic caught him and confiscate it. Shizuka on the other hand is at the front of his house to do homework with him, but the Mask of Academic tells her to go home that he is already taken care of Nobita (Even though he wasn't even doing his job). At the window, they saw the whole thing outside. Doraemon had a plan to escape from him without being spotted

Nobita and Doraemon flees with a Take-copter, and questioned themselves about the Mask of Academic. Nobita predicts of Mask of Academic's identity by making silly faces, and Doraemon laughed. Somehow, Doraemon heard the Mask of Academic's voice, and screams in terror. As they were trying to escape, but running with their feet with a Take-copter which slows them down, as the Mask of Academic goes faster, and Doraemon said that how the Mask of Academic got a Take-copter in the first place, and Nobita and Doraemon descend back down quickly, and goes tired. As they all went back down, Doraemon and Nobita tells the Mask of Academic's true identity, and replies that he will reveal his identity, but the Mask of Academic is, Middle School Nobita, which shocks both Elementary Nobita and Doraemon. Middle School Nobita tells them that he got a zero test at middle school, and he also tells them that he will watch over Elementary Nobita for the rest of the day, after Elementary Nobita graduates Elementary school, then another mysterious man who also has the same mask like Middle School Nobita, punches him in the face, and reveals his identity, which is High School Nobita. He grabs Middle School Nobita, and tells him that he was careless person in his middle school life, and not focusing on studying that much. Now, Elementary Nobita joins in as they continue arguing, while Doraemon is just standing there not doing anything to stop the three Nobita. Somehow the argument grew violently, and the three Nobita started fighting. The next scene, Doraemon tells Nobita that he should study well, so the process won't happen again, but Nobita smiles happily and tells Doraemon that he will be going to high school in the future. Doraemon face changes after he heard a comeback sentence from Nobita as the episode ends.


Gadgets Used[]


  • In the middle of scene when Nobita refused to do his work, the Masked of Academic uses his whip and hits Nobita's head, his back and his behind multiple times was cut on both Hindi and Italian dub to avoid abusive contents, while the Spanish dub was left uncensored.


  • Color of the mask in the 1979 is Orange, while the 2017 version the color is White.
  • The voice actor for High School Nobita from the 1979 version is Kozo Shioya, the voice actor of Majin Buu from the Dragon Ball series.
  • Both 1979 and the 2017 version, nearly has the same plot of the story, but 2017 version added an extra scene in the middle of the episode, which makes the episode a bit longer than the previous version.
  • It is unknown that Nobita could have just pulled the mask of "Mask of Academic" to know the real identity. None of his friends questioned the Mask of Academic about why is he wearing a mask when talking to them.
  • Following things Doraemon saw about Mask of Academic, which makes him thinks that he's similar to Nobita:

-Recognizing his friends: Takeshi, Suneo, and Shizuka.

-Reading Nobita's favorite manga (Remade version only)

-Recognizing / Using Doraemon's gadgets (Invisible Cape, Computer Pencil, and Take-copter).

-Runs out of breath, while running in a short distance. (Remade version only)

-Running away from the dog, and lands on the sewage line. (Remade version only)

  • There is a "文" symbol (meaning sentence) on top of the mask.
  • Before they escape out the window, it is unknown how the Mask of Academic didn't see them flying, or it's the Mask that causes him not to see so far away.


  • After Middle School Nobita takes off the Mask, the mask on his hand, disappeared.
  • In every scene of the Masked of Academic parts, each different scene sometimes you can see his height somehow grew and sometimes you can see his height got bit smaller.

Names In Other Languages[]

Language Title Meaning
Chinese ????? ?????
Hindi ????? Future of 3 Nobitas
Spanish El Profesor Particular The Private Teacher
Italian Master Mask Master Mask