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Episode depicted in this article is from 2005 anime.

Who is the Mask of Academic? (ガッコー仮面は誰でしょう?) is an episode from Doraemon (2005 series).


As Nobita is heading home from school, he enters the house and hears his parents discussing his school academic. Because of another failing test grade, his mother is worried whether he will join middle school or not, so his father decided to hire a tutor. Overheard his parents conversation, he barged into the room, and explains why hiring a tutor is a bad idea. He describes both of his A and B friend hires a tutor, and he said there are rumours that they have to pay twice as the amount. Shocks about the rumours of Nobita's explanation, his parents changed their mind and Nobita sigh in relief. Suddenly, someone cackles in a shining bright light comes from outside the room, and said that this tutor is absolutely free, then pops out suddenly, and enters the room, which is a mysterious man name: Mask of Academic, he said he'll be his personal tutor, to improve his academic skills, and get rid of his laziness. On the other hand, Nobita disagrees, while for his parents agreed to let the Mask Academic take care of Nobita's study, and both of them goes upstairs.

Mask of Academic gave him 4 Textbook (Tutor Book) and told Nobita to finish them in one whole day, but Nobita exclaims on the Mask of Academic that he's acting so bossy towards him. Then, he grabs a whip (possibly a gadget), and whips on the floor intimidating Nobita for his actions towards him and goes back to his desk and studies right away. Doraemon arrives from Nobita's room and thinks there's a guess inside of his room. Nobita quickly hides behind Doraemon telling him that the Mask of Academic is being mean to him, but the Mask of Academic says Doraemon that he's not mean to Nobita, he's just trying to increase his Academic skills, which makes Doraemon agreed 100%, and Nobita goes back to his desk and continues to study. After Doraemon felt a bit relieved because of Mask of Academic, and he told him that he's a messenger of justice. Nobita beings to slack off, by saying that he had no idea of what he's doing, which triggered the Mask of Academic by grabbing the whip, and intimidates Nobita again, then Doraemon realizes that the Mask of Academic gone a bit overboard on him. Later, they heard Takeshi and Suneo calling Nobita to play baseball with him. Before he goes outside, the Mask of Academic told Nobita to say inside and goes out to say to his friends that he's studying, which makes questioning Nobita about how the Mask of Academic know them. Outside, the Mask of Academic tells Takeshi, and Suneo that Nobita is studying, but the two of them starts laughing. Back inside, Nobita tells Doraemon that he wants to get rid of Mask of Academic, and Doraemon felt it too because he thinks that the Mask of Academic is going a bit too far on him, so he agrees Nobita hide from him. While the two continued laughing, Mask of Academic ask them that what was so funny. Takeshi said that it was because Mask of Academic is Nobita, while Suneo said that Nobita does not need to have a tutor, he should just start over all the way back to kindergarten, and laughed again. Offended by Takeshi and Suneo, he grabs the whips, hits the floor, and runs away. He goes back inside Nobita's room and asks Doraemon where is he hiding, and Doraemon replied that he didn't know, which makes Mask of Academic think that Doraemon is acting suspiciously. He goes to the bookshelf, and grabs some manga book, and throws around the room like crazy. Somehow, he found Nobita hiding right beside Doraemon with an "Invisible Cape". As a punishment, he gave him two more textbooks (6 textbooks in total), and Nobita moaned sadly. Mask of Academic sits down, and saw the manga, and starts laughing. Doraemon looks at him and begins to wonder some suspicious things about Mask of Academic. With Nobita struggling, he gives him the "Computer Pencil", but immediately got confiscated by Mask of Academic, and Nobita secondly questioned how did he know about the "Computer Pencil", and Doraemon also wants to know who is the Mask of Academic. Suddenly, Shizuka arrives at Nobita's house, which makes both Nobita and the Mask of Academic stand up of joy, but Mask of Academic tells Nobita that he'll handle her by himself, and walks away, with Doraemon's face suddenly change with his second suspicious "eyes". Mask of Academic talks quietly, nicely, and softly on Shizuka, and tells her that Nobita is doing his homework right now, and Shizuka replied with a shock, "Did he hit his head anywhere?", and Mask of Academic replied back that "he's fine". While distracted by Shizuka, now it's there chance to escape by using the Take-copter and goes out.

Nobita said to Doraemon that he won't catch us because of the Take-copter. While they're flying, they began to wonder who is that Mask of Academic, and Nobita tries to guess his unknown identity by making a silly face of him, and Doraemon laughed. Somehow, the Mask of Academic also has a Take-copter with him and chases them. They also questioned how the Mask of Academic got the "Take-copter" in the first place, and Nobita said that flying isn't right no more, so they went back down, and tries to hide around the city. At the vacant lot, they decided to hide on the brown pipe, but the Mask of Academic found them and continues to run. Nobita runs out of breath, and Doraemon tells him to keep going, but somehow the Mask of Academic is also run out of breath too, much of Doraemon's confusion. On the other side, while a random woman is walking with her dog, she tells the dog to calm down, but she lets go of the leash, which makes both Nobita and Mask of Academic run in fear, and lands on a sewage line, which makes Doraemon confuse again. He grabs Nobita, and the two flies back, but then got caught by Mask of Academic again. With Doraemon and Nobita had enough chasing them, he said the Mask of Academic, "Who are you?!", and Mask of Academic noted, "Behind this Mask of Academic, I am....", he took out the mask, and it turns out to be: Middle School Nobita. After revealing his identity, Nobita is in surprised to see himself this whole time, while Doraemon's mind makes more sense, because of the following things: (On trivia). Then, Middle School Nobita said to Elementary Nobita that he got a 0 again, because of Elementary Nobita's laziness or short, blaming him. Even after Doraemon said "It's still your fault that you got a 0", to Middle School Nobita, his mind won't change. He said to Elementary Nobita that he will be his tutor for the rest of the day, Until Elementary Nobita graduated elementary, which he thinks that Middle School Nobita has gone too far this time. Suddenly, someone hits Middle School Nobita, which is the High School version of him, confusing Elementary Nobita even more. High School Nobita grabs and pinch his cheeks at Middle School Nobita for his careless actions on his Middle School life, even also today, and blames him instead, but the fight continues and grabs Elementary Nobita, and accuses him too for his laziness. While the debate continues on all three Nobita, Doraemon carelessly watches all three Nobita fighting. As he about to scream, he told all three Nobitas to go back to their own time, to prevent the situation from getting worse.

Back at the house, he told Nobita that he should study every day to prevent this situation from happening again, but for Nobita he said to Doraemon it's alright, and also told him that because of High School Nobita interfered the scene earlier, and said, "At least I get to go to High School, that's a relief". With Nobita's comeback, he told him you're one "bright" person, as the episode ends.


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  • Both 1979 and the 2017 version, nearly has the same plot of the story, but 2017 version added an extra scene in the middle of the episode, which makes the episode a bit longer than the previous version.
  • It is unknown that Nobita could have just pulled the mask of "Mask of Academic" to know the real identity. None of his friends questioned the Mask of Academic about why is he wearing a mask when talking to them.
  • Following things Doraemon saw about Mask of Academic, which makes him thinks that he's similar to Nobita:

-Recognizing his friends: Takeshi, Suneo, and Shizuka.

-Reading Nobita's favorite manga.

-Recognizing / Using Doraemon's gadgets (Invisible Cape, Computer Pencil, and Take-copter).

-Runs out of breath, while running in a short distance.

-Running away from the dog, and lands on the sewage line.

  • There is a "文" symbol (meaning sentence) on top of the mask.
  • Before they escape out the window, it is unknown how the Mask of Academic didn't see them flying, or it's the Mask that causes him not to see so far away.
  • All Nobita (Elementary, Middle, and High) voice actor is voiced by the same voice actor of Nobita (Present)


  • After Middle School Nobita takes off the Mask, the mask on his hand, disappeared.