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Episode depicted in this article is from 2005 anime.
Winning Back Shizuka-chan (Part 2)
Winning Back Shizuka-chan (Part 2)2
Release date January 19, 2007
Japanese title しずかちゃんを とりもどせ(後編)
English title Winning Back Shizuka-chan (Part 2)
Episode number 76b
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Part 2 of a two-part special, Winning Back Shizuka-chan is an episode from the Doraemon (2005 series). It is the 2007 adaptation of the 1989 adaptation of Home-Ec Apron, but with a major expansion of the storyline.


Shizuka's mother reveals that her daughter is at Dekisugi's place, and as his jaws sink again, Doraemon rectifies it. He then proposes going to Dekisugi's house instead as this seems like the best option for the time being for Nobita. Dekisugi is delighted to meet them, and when Nobita inquires him, reveals he actually intends to land on Mars. Doraemon tries to recover Nobita's recompose. Everyone reacts positively on his croquettes, though as Dekisugi explains women should have more representation, Nobita sinks into further depression, unable to house the vision of Dekisugi taking Shizuka from him, and he collapses.

Back home, Nobita is convinced about the future being sealed, though Doraemon suggests otherwise and gives him the same Home-Ec apron before setting off to buy groceries. Just then, Dorami arrives from the future hunting for melon bread, and as she encounters a depressed Nobita, discovers Doraemon having supplied a cosmetic one. She then replaces it with the genuine counterpart, while criticizing her brother's deficits. Fueled with determination and knowledge, Nobita steamrolls all housework and somehow prepared dinner in advance, then takes on Suneo and Gian's houses, impressing both.

Adamant in defeating Dekisugi, Nobita challenges him to a cook-off, though he doubts the purpose of it. in a fried-rice cook-off. He eventually complies when Gian and Suneo threaten him, with the latter proposing fried rice. Dekisugi senses Nobita's unusual confidence and has a brief, disastrous premonition. When Doraemon and Dorami return, they learn the event. Dorami reveals the confusion to her brother, who was terrified and explains his intentions - he deliberately provided a dysfunctional duplicate, knowing Nobita wouldn't sustain himself forever just with him if not motivated. Black smoke and spark jump from the overstressed Apron and it experiences an electrical failure, which in turn sealed Nobita's effective loss. They enjoy Dekisugi's food, though are reluctant to taste Nobita's and begin to complain on its poor quality. Gian threatens to attack as Doraemon attempts to separate them, but suddenly notices Shizuka still eating it. Though Doraemon and Dorami are concerned, Shizuka reveals at least Nobita tried and encourages him to do better, much to his relief. Doraemon gives Dorami an affirmative nod.

Still concerned about the future, Doraemon and Dorami decide to confirm again. To their surprise, they realize it has never changed. Nobita was seen retrieving Nobisuke from a soccer match, just as Dekisugi and his wife return from their Martian expedition. Hideyo returns to his parents, followed by Shizuka praising his behavior while scolding Nobisuke, who arranges to game with Hideyo in the future as he runs off. Nobita inquires on Dekisugi's experience and as they talk, Doraemon concludes the coast was always clear. They attempt to inform Nobita, though upon observing his determination, they decide to keep both it and the truth for the time being. They giggle as the episode ends.


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  • This is the first instance of a chapter being split up into two parts in the 2005 anime.