The Woodcutter's Spring (きこりの泉) is Doraemon's gadget used to get a new one from old stuff. The Spring Goddess in the gadget was voiced by Maria Kawamura.


Doraemon uses the story of the Honest Woodcutter to depict the gadget's use. He portrays the honest woodcutter, who dropped his iron axe in a spring while harvesting a tree. Just then, a blinding light shines on him, and a goddess rises from the spring with a gold axe and a silver axe. When asked if any of his axes belong to him, Doraemon denies, and, because of his honesty, the goddess returns his axe and rewards him with the two axes she is holding as well, making it three axes in total.

Doraemon then portrays the greedy woodcutter, and decides to throw his iron axe into the spring with the intention of replacing it. The goddess asks the same question while holding the two same axes, but, disappointed with Doraemon's dishonesty when told it was the gold axe, confiscates the iron axe.


The future version of the spring can only be used five times. The user(s) drops their old objects into the spring, and a robot goddess rises out of it and brings out the new objects, asking if the new object is being dropped. The goddess rewards them with the new objects for honesty and confiscates them if they are not.

Appear in


Woodcutter's Spring Doraemon To make his eaten Dorayaki a larger one.
Woodcutter's Spring Nobita To make his old glove a new one.
Woodcutter's Spring Nobita To make his 0-point test paper 100 but instead it makes the test paper designed with golden borders
Woodcutter's Spring Shizuka To make her old small dress a newer and fitted one.
Woodcutter's Spring Suneo To improve his new 3D-player but, disappointed with Jaian's dishonesty, the Spring Goddess decided to confiscate it.
Woodcutter's Spring Suneo He throws a rock to give revenge to the gadget but the gadget fights him using an improved large rock.
Woodcutter's Spring Gian To improve all of his toys, but accidentally falls into the spring, and hence making him a more-improved person.



  • Springs in the Nobita's Secret Gadget Museum ~museum Adventure~ were somehow adjusted as they use the water gun dropped to the spring against Doraemon and his friends.
  • Whether the confiscated item is destroyed when people tell lies is unknown.
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