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The Woodcutter's Spring (きこりの泉) is Doraemon's gadget used to get a new one from old stuff.


Similar to its mythical namesake counterparts, the Woodcutter's Spring will offer a superior counterpart of an inserted item. It then asks the user which item they dropped, and will either return the updated one to them or withdraw the offer depending if they are honest. Regardless, items within its realm can't be retrieved, and each can only be used for up to 5 times.

Appear in[]


Woodcutter's Spring Doraemon To enlarge his partially eaten dorayaki
Woodcutter's Spring Nobita To replace his worn glove
Woodcutter's Spring Nobita To modify and glamorize his test papers, although it is instead embroidered with golden outlines.
Woodcutter's Spring Shizuka To obtain a slightly larger new dress.
Woodcutter's Spring Suneo To improve his new 3D-player but, disappointed with Gian's dishonesty, the Spring Goddess decided to confiscate it.
Woodcutter's Spring Suneo To attack the item with a rock, resulting in it firing a larger one back.
Woodcutter's Spring Gian To improve all of his toys, but accidentally sinks, causing a friendly alter-ego to appear in place.