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The episode depicted in this article is from 1979 anime.
Wrestling Killer
Doraemon telling about the gadget wresling killer
General Information
Broadcast by TV Asahi
Anime series 1979
Broadcast date April 6, 1979
Season 1
Episode number 5
Doraemon Wrestling Killer
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Previous episode N・S Patch
Next episode Nobita's Bride

Wrestling Killer (The Knock-Down Hitman) is an episode from the Doraemon 1979 anime.


The episode starts with Nobita leaving for school. He is seen running as he was late. Gian is also running on a different road as so he was also getting late. Both of them collide at the place where the roads meet. Nobita is seen lying on the road and Gian yells at him and runs away. Nobita gets up and sees Gian running away while asking Nobita to keep his eyes open while walking. Nobita gets annoyed and then realises that he is getting late and runs.

In the next scene, Nobita is seen sitting in his room and Doraemon asks him to wake up early. Nobita blames Gian for getiing late and starts crying. Doraemon takes out Wrestling Killer from his pocket. Nobita imagines Gian getting shot by a professional killer and asks Doraemon not to use the gadget. Doraemon explains that the gadget is wresting killer and not a professional killer which makes Nobita relieved. He also explains how the gadget functions. He asks Nobita to put 10 yen into the slot and name the person whom he wants to get beaten. Nobita does the same and names Gian. Doraemon says that the gadget whill shoot Gian thrice. The gadget starts walking and Nobita follows him. Gian is seen standing by the support of a wall and the gadget stops. Gian turns towards it and the gadget smiles. It points out a gun and Gian gets angry and tries to step on it. Gian gets shot by the gadget which makes him fall down the ground and gets hurt. Nobita is seen hiding and watching them. Gian starts running away while shouting and the gadget starts chasing him and Nobita follows them. He is shot again and falls on the ground. He starts begging for help while crying and gets shot for the third time. He is seen fallen upside down unconsciously and the gadget kicks him and he gets laid down the road. He appreciates the gadget and walks off. Suneo peeks at Nobita who was heading towards him. And then Suneo pulls the ropes from the corner and Nobita falls and so the gadget. Suneo makes fun of Nobita and runs away. Nobita gets up angrilly and picks up the gadget to take a revenge against Suneo. He puts 10 yen in its slot and Shizuka calls out Nobita by his name from behind. Nobita panics and asks her why she took his name. The gadget smiles and Nobita throws it away in panic while Shizuka watches him. He runs and is chased by the gadget. He asks for help from a cop and revolves around him which confuses the cop. The gadget shoots and the cop falls. Nobita gets afraid and runs. They step on the head of the cop. Nobita runs to his house and locks the main door and gets relieved.

Doraemon is seen lying in his room and Nobita enters while gasping. Doraemon asks the reason and Nobita tells him the whole story. The gadget is seen approaching towards Nobis' Residence. Doraemon tells him that once the gadget starts working, it stops only after it completes the mission to which Nobita asks him how to stop it. Doraemon asks him to put 100 yen in the slot. Nobita gets frustrated and tells him he already had spent 20 yen the present day. A sound of "thud" is heard by them and Nobita gets frightened. The sound continues as the gadget knocks the door to which Tamako responds that she is coming. Nobita gives 100 yen to Doraemon and hides in the wardrobe. The house is seen shaking like if an earthquake occurred as the frequency and sound continued to increase. Tamako gets close to the door and Doraemon tells her that he'll answer the door. The door opens and the gadget rushes in. Doraemon holds the gadget's hand and ask him to cancel by offering 100 yen and puts it into the slot. Doraemon takes the gadget to the stairs and says that the cancellation has been done. Nobita gets out of the wardrobe and goes down the stairs. He thinks of the money he spent and trips down the stairs. Doraemon asks him why he fell off the stairs as it was not easy to do the cancellation. The episode ends with the gadget running to the center of the screen and flexes his arms.

Networthy Events[]

Major Events[]

  • Gian gets shot thrice by the gadget.

Minor Events[]

  • Nobita falls off the stairs.


Gadgets Used[]


Naming and Translations[]

Language Name Origin
Arabic عميل الترحال Nomad Client
Hindi रेसलिंग किलर Wrestling Killer


Voice Actor Role(s)
Nobuyo Ōyama Doraemon
Noriko Ohara Nobita Nobi
Sachiko Chijimatsu Tamako Nobi
Michiko Nomura Shizuka Minamoto
Kaneta Kimotsuki Suneo Honekawa
Kazuya Tatekabe Takeshi Gouda
[[]] Unnamed Cop



  • Doraemon's whiskers were missing after he introduced the gadget.
  • Shizuka's hair which is normally brown in the 1979 anime is shown to be black.