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Episode depicted in this article is from 2005 anime.

The Worthless Prohibition Sign! is an episode from the 2005 series.


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The story started with the Nobita's mom taking her weight in a weighing scale, she plans not to eat sweets although she was having a hard time not eating it. Doraemon devised a way to help by using his gadget called Prohibition Sign. It works by writing something that you don't want to happen. When Tamako was about to eat another sweet, Doraemon used the said gadget by writing "sweets are prohibited" and placed it near her. As a result, she was enticed not to eat the sweets despite her best trying to. When Nobita was starting to take an afternoon nap without doing his homework, Doraemon put the same gadget and writes down "sleeping is not allowed". Thus, he was not able to sleep. To avenge for this, Nobita also use a prohibition sign thus not allowing Doraemon to eat his favorite Dorayaki. When they were quarreling about the gadget, Shizuka called to invite Nobita to play together. To avenge for not being able to eat Dorayaki, Doraemon also put a prohibition sign that talking over the telephone is not allowed. So the cycle continues with Doraemon and Nobita avenging one another to get even. Doraemon was able to find the pliers that was thrown away by Nobita and got lost in the bush. By removing the prohibit sign embedded on the floor with the plier, the effects of the gadget will no longer work anymore. At the end, with Doraemon removing the gadget with the pliers, Nobita wrote on the said gadget with prohibiting movement. By doing such, both Doraemon and Nobita got stuck at the place where this prohibition sign was placed, this includes the one who had physical contact with both of them such as the bird who flew over Doraemon's head. Fortunately, it rained and removed the words written on the gadget; therefore, enabling them both to move. Both Dorameon and Nobita apologized to each other of what they did. When they got home, they forgot to remove the other gadgets they placed earlier on the floor such as the one placed in the restroom and near telephone, which prompts them to argue again whose fault would it be.


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