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Episode depicted in this article is from 2005 anime.

Your Eyes Have One Million Volts is an episode from the 2005 anime series.


Nobita invites Shizuka to come to his house for them to do an assignment together. Shizuka declined because Nobita is not really diligent enough. Instead, she went with Suneo since he has a tutor going to his house. Nobita was hurt because he thought that it was his appearance that made Shizuka decline his invitation. Doraemon offered help by providing the "Magic eye" which could be placed on his eyeglasses. For the magic eye to work, he has to blink his eyes twice. Anyone looking at him at the time he blinked his eye will fall head over heels in love with him. He went out to look for Shizuka. On his way, Nobita met Gian whom he accidentally blinked his eyes at. Gian fell in love with him and kept on following him as he looked for Shizuka.

He went to Suneo's house, where Shizuka had gone with earlier for reviewing school assignment together. As he was talking with Suneo, he also accidentally blinked his eye twice at him. Suneo also fell in love with him, making him and Gian fight over Nobita. While they were fighting, the potion went off, which eventually made them realize that they were under the spell. They figured out that it was something in the eyeglass of Nobita that made them fall under the spell. For the meantime, as the two boys who fell victim to the spell of Nobita, they're now on to him. Nobita was able to also find Shizuka and was able to let her fall in love with him through the "magic eye". Nobita brought her to his house, where they started reviewing. The spell did not last long, as the gadget on Nobita's glasses fell off, realizing what happened to herself. She barged out of Nobita's house angrily. Nobita was then found shortly by the Gian and Suneo gave Nobita a chase, who also used the gadget on Sensei to buying him some time to escape.

Eventually they found Nobita and beat him up, took his glasses. Shizuka later helped Nobita up and accompanied him home. Shortly, Doraemon is trying to find where Nobita has left the gadget, only to find out that Gian accidentally used the gadget to himself by looking in a mirror.


Gadgets Used[]


  • This is also one of the episodes that we can see Nobita without his glasses on.