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Yumi Kakazu (born June 18, 1973, Saitama, Japan) is a voice actress who voices Shizuka Minamoto in the 2005 Doraemon series, succeeding Michiko Nomura.


Voice Acting

Yumi Kakazu début her voice acting career in 1996 when she voices Sala Tyrrell on After War Gundam X. Then she play various female roles and male roles rarely. On April 2005, she is the one of the new cast team of Doraemon as the voice of Shizuka.

Personal Life

She was married on June 1, 2004.Her sister lives on Kyushu, while her grandparents lives in Kumamoto. On August 2005 she give birth to a boy. Then on 2008, she give birth to a another boy. On June 2013 she stated on her twitter that her husband died three and a half years ago.

Characters Voiced

2005 Anime



  • She likes Geography (地理)
  • Her favourite secret gadget was the Small Light, as she wants to experience the smaller world.
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